Home Blunders: 13 Design Choices to Avoid for Elegance!

Are you aware that some common pitfalls can make even the most well-intentioned home design appear less than desirable?

In this blog, we’ll explore 13 design blunders that, if avoided, can help you achieve a more upscale and aesthetically pleasing home.

13. Ignoring Scale and Proportion: 

Balanced Living Room
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Furnishing a room with items that are either too large or too small for the space can disrupt the visual balance. Pay attention to scale and proportion to ensure that furniture and decor harmonize with the room’s dimensions.

12. Inconsistent Design Themes:

Inconsistent Room Color
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Mixing too many design themes within one space can create a disjointed and confusing aesthetic. Choose a cohesive theme or style to maintain a unified and polished look throughout your home.

11. Neglecting Functionality:

Multifunctional Furniture
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A beautiful design should not sacrifice functionality. Consider the practical aspects of your furniture and layout to ensure that your home is not only visually pleasing but also comfortable and convenient to live in.

10. Over-Accessorizing:

Over Accessory
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While decor is essential, overloading your space with excessive knick-knacks and decorations can make it feel cluttered and cheap. Embrace minimalism and opt for a few well-chosen pieces to create a clean and sophisticated look.

9. Faux Finishes:

Faux Materials
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Whether it’s faux wood or faux leather, using imitation materials often cheapens the appearance of your furniture or decor. Go for genuine materials to add a touch of authenticity and quality to your space.

8. Matching Furniture Sets:

Matching Furniture Set
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While it may seem convenient to purchase an entire furniture set at once, this can lead to a generic and uninspiring look. Mix and match pieces to create a more eclectic and personalized home.

7. Overly Bright and Contrasting Colors:

Bright And Contrast Color
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Overusing vibrant colors or creating stark contrasts can give your home an unbalanced and chaotic appearance. Opt for a more harmonious color palette that promotes a sense of calm and cohesion.

6. Hanging Curtains Too Low:

Man Fixing Curtain
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Hanging curtains just above the window frame can make your space look cramped and unimpressive. Install them higher, close to the ceiling, to add height and elegance to your rooms.

5. Lack of Art and Personalization:

Couple Hanging Up Wall Art Shutterstock
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An absence of art, family photos, or personalized decor can make your home feel cold and generic. Infuse your personality into your design by adding personal touches and artwork.

4. Visible Cords and Wires:

Messy Wires
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Exposed cords and wires can make your home look disorganized and unfinished. Conceal them as much as possible or invest in cord management solutions for a cleaner look.

3. Cheap Lighting Fixtures:

Stylish Light Fixtures
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Low-quality or outdated light fixtures can detract from the overall ambiance of your home. Invest in quality and stylish lighting to elevate your interior design.

2. Too Much Open Shelving:

Open Shelves
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While open shelving is trendy, overcrowded shelves can appear chaotic and cluttered. Use them selectively and style them with a balance of functional and decorative items.

1. Ill-Placed Wall Decals:

Wall Decals
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Large, overly decorative wall decals can make your home feel like a sticker book. Be selective and purposeful with wall art to maintain a mature and sophisticated atmosphere. Remember, your home is an extension of yourself, so take the time to make it a place that reflects your taste and values while maintaining a high level of design quality.

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