Coat Hooks With Hidden Storage and New Year Resolutions You’ll Love

New Year, New You, New Home

We are so excited to share with you one of our featured DIY projects this week! Coat Hooks With Hidden Storage compartment! Check it out below and leeave a comment to let us know what you think!

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Built In Cubbies With Hooks For Backpacks And Coats, Cupboards And Built In Shelves For Papers And Books And A Bench

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What’s New on YouTube

Do you think coat hooks are essential to a home? Or do you prefer closets? A coat hooks wall is much easier than the alternative for little kids, and let’s face it, it’s more convenient for adults too! One of our latest featured projects not only looks incredible, but is functional in more ways than on! Our Coat Hooks with Hidden Compartment DIY Tutorial has been a hit! Storing things on the inside, and hanging things on the outside! Check out our video tutorial on making your own coat hooks wall and see not only how functional it is, but how great it looks!

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Remodelaholic Spotlights

Do you like to set new year resolutions? Each year I like to have a couple goals that I’d like to accomplish or work towards throughout the year. If I write them down, and if I tell someone, I feel I have some sort of accountability, and it helps hold me to those goals. This list of new year resolution ideas is one of my favorites because it’s actually filled with small things that we should all be doing anyway! Check out these 8 Resolutions to Reset Your Health This Year and see if there are any new year resolutions that you want to add to your list this year!

Reset Your Health Image Of Girl Pouring Water

Is using more natural products one of your new year resolutions? One of our favorite new year resolution ideas has to do with getting a fresh start! DIY Household Clearners — 3 Ingredients, 6 Cleaning Jobs! These natural cleaners will keep chemicals out of your home, save you money, and help get the job done! Check out some great ways to keep your house clean this year!

Homemade House Cleaners Image Of Kitchen With Bucket Full Of Bubbles And Sliced Lemons

Is house cleaning one of your new year resolutions? I am hoping to get a bit better at it each day. While I clean one room, the little ones make a mess of equal or greater value in a different room. True story and it happens every time. Aside from hiring a house keeper, I don’t know what to do. Does it get better or easier as they get older? Or am I bound to be behind for the rest of my life? The smiles and cuddles make up for the messes, but it sure doesn’t stop me from being exhausted and always trying to get more done in less time! I found these 5 Quick House Cleaning Tips and think they are a great place to start! If you have any you’d add to the list, please share!

5 Quick Cleaning Tips Image Of Licing Room With Long White Bench Table

Have a great week friends!

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