Lovely Flower Fan!

We’ve been working on Etta’s room off and on for almost a year now!  Go me!  (I should finish a project every now and then, but I guess that is sort of over rated!  Right?!)



The most recent addition is a new light and ceiling fan combo.  In our house we don’t have air conditioning, and we rely on fans to control the temperature.  In my daughter’s room, I don’t love having a fan on the floor they are like magnets for children, so ceiling fans are a must.  And this new fan is SO fabulous!

If you remember her room is all pink and navy and we just finished up this great closet hack!  So the room is really almost finished!

Be we needed some ceiling jewelry, or in other words great lighting!  And that is where this awesome Bloom ceiling Fan by Craftmade from came in.  



The best part is that the fan blades are the upper blades, but the bottom blades rotate opposite of the way the top blades are moving, it is REALLY cool!


This is the light that was there (above), it is a great candidate for a makeover, check out this post for ideas… (and technically it it still there, we have yet to remove it!  Nothing but quality, fully finished projects round here…)  We actually added all new electrical wiring and a special type of light box that is made to secure to both joists to support a ceiling fan for this new light and centered it in the new bedroom space.  I am not going to show you those steps, because that is something you need to consult with a professional about for safety.

If you do know how to install it, wash your hands often!  I had to laugh at the dirty construction hand prints all over my brand new fan (but they wiped off really easily thankfully!!)


The whole project only took a little about 2 hours!! Finally!  And Etta LOVES it!

Craftmade-girls-room-ceiling-fan-flower-ceiling-fan-bloom-fan-12 Craftmade-girls-room-ceiling-fan-flower-ceiling-fan-bloom-fan-7 Craftmade-girls-room-ceiling-fan-flower-ceiling-fan-bloom-fan-6

What do you think? 

P.S. there are some other great options by Craftmade that I especially love for kids in particular.

BL52W_BBL52GRN craftmade-wb448gg
craftmade-wb242sc-with-light craftmade_k10613_bloom_0
PS52BB craftmade-wb348ts

* I reached out to to work together on this project.  They supplied the product for review, all opinions are mine.

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  1. What an awesome ceiling fan!! I love that the two levels are in different directions. I love the flower shape too! Love it!!

  2. Love it! I’ve been looking at this fan for my daughter’s room. Can you tell me your ceiling height and what length down rod you used? We have 8.5ft ceilings and I’m worried about it hanging too low. Thanks!

    1. the ceiling was 7′ 6″ and we just did a flush mount, with no down rod. It was low but no too bad. I would flush mount if if you are worried.