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Beckie over at Infarrantly Creative had the greatest post a week or two ago about fixing her door knobs.  She is always posting cool things that she is doing and I had to show you this project:

I have started the task of spray painting all of the tacky brass door knobs and hinges in my house.  I can handle the brassiness no more!  I know everyone’s question will be…

 “Yah but how does it hold up over time?”

IMG_1705IMG_1714 IMG_1716IMG_1715  Because I knew you’d ask I called the big dogs.

The rep from Krylon said…
“The key to longevity is application and experienced spray painting.” Prep the surface correctly and do not be heavy-handed on your spraying.  Let it cure for 3 days before touching to allow the chemicals to fully harden.”
The rep from Rustoleum said…
“Make sure you clean well with soap and water and sand your surface.  Then use Clean Metal Primer.  A clear coat is optional but will give you an extra layer of protection.  I did this in my grandma’s house over three years ago and they still look great.”

Now, I know this task may seem overwhelming to some of you considering I have 18 doors in my house.  But even at a sweet deal it would cost a minimum of $300 to replace just the knobs.  That did not even count the hinges.  So what is a DIY girl to do?  Spray paint of course.  I am going to take my time and just do a room a day.  I don’t wait to get impatient and cut corners, which I know I will have the tendency to do if I go too fast.

1.  Using a screwdriver or power drill unscrew all the hinges and knobs
 being very careful not to lose anything.
2.  Wash them with soap and water.  I used soap soaked steel wool to clean them.  Let them dry.
3.  Sand! Sand! Sand!  I used 150 grit Sandblaster pad from 3M.  They work well because the sponge is flexible and gets in all the nooks and crannies. 


Sand every inch! You need a roughed up surface.  Do not skip this step.  Sand.  Did I mention sand?  Do you want the paint to stick?  THEN SAND FOR GOODNESS SAKE.
See the picture below in all it’s scuffed up brassy glory!


4.  Wipe off all the dust made from sanding….because you sanded…really well….right?
5.  Lightly…lightly…lightly spray with Rustoleum’s Clean Metal Primer.  

Let it dry and then flip your pieces over and spray the other side.


6.  Following the directions between coats on the spray paint allow enough time to dry. Make sure you spray the directed distance away from your knobs.  Light coats are better than one thick coat.  Take your time and lightly spray to avoid drips and get a professional finish.  I used Krylon’s Brush Metallic in a Satin Nickel.

Spray everything even the screws.  I stuck mine in styrofoam to keep them in place while spraying.

IMG_1693 I let them dry for a few hours before installing them.  I would suggest waiting (if you can possibly handle it) to install them for 3 days.  I did not …but do as I say, not as I do 😉  I am totally jazzed about the updated look.  The Brushed Metallic paint has little flecks of shimmer in it that make it look so pretty and natural.  Goodbye brass, hello class! IMG_1706

2 down, 16 more to go! 
Have you spray painted your door knobs?  How are they holding up?
Isn’t that awesome.  I know I am so impressed!  
Make sure you check out Beckie’s blog Infarrantly Creative, it is full of great inspiration. 
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  1. >The new finish looks fabulous. Thanks for all the tips. I may just have to try this.

  2. >I love this new look. Would love to try this at my house. I wonder if the same process would work on my kitchen door knobs. Hmmm. You really got me thinking.

  3. >That is such a great idea! I had no clue that you could paint door knobs! Dean and I are looking into buying a total fixer upper home and EVERYTHING is brass! It is good to know that I could do something about it without breaking the bank! Great post!

  4. >I really hope I can get the guts to do this project, and the patience. It's brilliant! Thanks for sharing.

  5. >EEEEK! I just came over to visit you and here I get a whole post for myself? I thought I would just get a mention with a link. Wow thanks!

  6. >The knobs look great! I too have painted my inside door knobs and they are wearing better than the ORB knobs that I bought. The only one that I had trouble with is the one I hang my purse on. I did not let it cure long enough before hanging my purse on it so now I have to sand it down before I paint it again. I have coated all of mine with a clear coat. On a few screws I needed to tough them up and so a used a q-tip dipped in spray paint. Another thing I learned was that to make sure that the screws holding in the strike plate are really flush with plate or they will scratch the other surface. I did my pantry handle about 3 years ago and it is still perfect. I have not painted the hings so please let me know how that has worked out.
    Thanks for sharing.

  7. >Bummer, I just ordered 8 new door knobs on Monday! Oh well, they're levers so it will be nice to have the updated look. The hinges are all still brass though so I'll definitely be spray painting them instead of forking out the dough for new ones.

  8. >Wow!! That is so very impressive! My husband and I were lucky in that we bought our house new and were able to say NO to all brass. But I could so see me doing this with second-hand furniture (think dresser knobs!). Thanks so much for sharing!

  9. >Love following what you do!

    I’ve recently come across your site and it looks like you do a lot of interesting and creative projects.

    I’m wondering if you’re familiar with Rub ‘n Buff? This is a product that my company markets. It’s made from carnuba wax, and comes in a variety of colors, the most popular being metallic silver and gold. It’s used on furniture, chandeliers, lamps, home décor, frames, crafts – the possibilities are endless and I’ve seen a lot of great uses. If you’re interested in trying and commenting about it on your site let me know and I’ll forward samples. Thanks

  10. >Okay, I love this idea and never would have thought of it on my own! For some strange reason the people we bought our house from have door knobs that are brass on one side of the door and silver on the other. Extremely weird! It's always kind of bugged me, but like you say- it can cost a TON of money to replace all those. Thanks for the great idea!!!

  11. >Amaco,

    I would love to try out your product. I have been thinking about finding something like that would add a hint of glint on projects. Email me if you get the chance It seems that I can't get to your profile from your comment so I don't know how to contact you.

  12. >I just bought a can of the metallic Spray paint in silver, I can wait to see how it comes out 🙂