Desk and Chair Facelift!

Desk and Chair Facelift by Jen
Hi, I’m Jen! I’m a mom, a wife, a housekeeper, a cook, a decorator, a crafter and a blogger. My blog is a collection of everything that I enjoy from DIY projects, home decor, crafts and recipes to fun activities for the kids and our own family experiences. Hence my blog name: Scissors & Spatulas: And Everything in Between! You never know what you’re gonna get!
I’m so excited to be here at Remodelaholic! Let me show you a peak at what I have in store for you today…
desk and chair facelift (1) Would you believe me if I told you this desk and chair cost less than $20? Well, it’s the truth! 
One of my favorite projects is turning someone else’s trash into my own new treasure.  Particularly furniture. It’s garage sale season and I am up and out early on Saturday mornings in hunt of some great bargains!  I found this chair for just $5!
desk and chair facelift (2)
I gave it a good cleaning with the hose and let it dry out in the sun before taking my mouse sander to it. I roughed it up pretty well to make sure the varnish was taken off.
desk and chair facelift (3)
I used one coat of Kilz {water-based} primer and then three coats of Olympic Irish Cream {just slightly off white} in a satin finish.
desk and chair facelift (4) 
Then, after all that hard work, I took my sandpaper and started distressing it! I use a very low grit to remove the paint but then use a very fine sand block to smooth it out.
 desk and chair facelift (5)
 Here is a preview of what it looked like after distressing. You’ll see the finished product in just sec. First let me show you the second part to this project. 
My mother-in-law gave me an old sewing table a while back. Now I know I’m going to get some grief for saying this, but I removed the table top and sewing machine and replaced it with a large piece wood because I love the look of the legs, but the table top was not functional. It wasn’t one of the nice ones with the drawers, just a flat table that unfolded. I wanted to use it for a writing desk and once the sewing machine was removed the original table top had a big hole in it. So i decided to make a new top all together. 
desk and chair facelift (6)
Here is the stained piece of wood after I took my mouse sander to it. It had a thick coat of varnish on it, so it took some elbow grease to rough this baby up.
desk and chair facelift (7)
Then I took a hammer to it and it was actually quite fun! I softened up the sharp edges a bit and put some dings and dents all over the edges, sides and top.
desk and chair facelift (8)
One coat of primer and three coats of the same paint used on the chair .
Then again, I took my low-grit {rough} sand paper and started scraping away at the paint. This knot above is a result of the hammer. Love it! I wasn’t quite getting the result that I wanted with the sandpaper, it was still too clean and white.
desk and chair facelift (9) desk and chair facelift (10)
So out came my handy dandy mouse sander again and it worked like a charm. Sneak peak. . . 
desk and chair facelift (11) 
Okay, are you ready to see my new writing desk?
desk and chair facelift (12) desk and chair facelift (13) desk and chair facelift (14)desk and chair facelift (15)
A huge thanks to Remodelaholic for having me today! I hope you all have enjoyed my trash to treasure transformation and I hope you’ll come by and visit me at Scissors and Spatulas.   
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