DIY Homemade Wooden Headboard With Scrolls: Guest Project

Lindy at Cottage Hill made a very intricate wooden headboard for her master bedroom.  I was so shocked that she made this.  And now that I see it, with a little bit of explanation behind how she made it, the idea opens up all sorts of creative headboard options.   She explains how she did it below:

What can you make with a sheet of plywood, a can of black spray paint, a few scraps of pine, and a jigsaw?   Just about anything …But, I’ve made a headboard for my master.  I’ve lugged this one around with me for years and I’ve loved it almost to death.  I may be changing it soon so I thought I’d post some pictures before I do something different.  I love it, really, what’s not to love, just ready for a change…

  1. Draw the pattern out on a large piece of paper by folding it in half and cutting a little away at the time until you get the shape you want.  I used a good piece of 3/4” plywood that was finished on one side and turned long ways. 
  2. Spray paint it black. 
  3. Hand paint your design.  

Can’t paint?  No problem.  Why not use a framed print you like, cut it out in a similar shape as mine, and decoupage it onto the headboard?

    4.  Cut the scrolls out of pine with a jigsaw, paint them red, and apply gold leaf.
    5.  Antique the entire headboard with a brown glaze.
    6.  Hang the headboard on the wall using a cleat made out of a 2×4.

Easier than you thought — yes?

How cool is this?  Great job on the scroll work!  
It all turned out very nice!

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  1. >Well isn't this a whole lot of loveliness wrapped up in a splendid blog!
    I'm enjoying all the fanciful photos you have on display!
    thank-you for sharing the inspiration!

  2. >Do you just glue the scroll pieces onto a piece of plywood?

    Did you attach it with legs or just hang it on the wall?