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Easy DIY Pedestal Accent Table |

Hello, Remodelaholics!  I am happy to be here as a new contributor!  My name is Tamara and I blog at Provident Home Design where I share money saving decorating tips, design inspiration, and lots of DIY.

A few months ago on Remodelaholic I taught how to create stunning woodwork above the mantel in just 5 easy steps.  Today’s DIY I will be sharing is just as easy!

Pedestal accent tables have caught my eye for awhile now and are so versatile.  They can be used as end tables by the bed or couch or as side tables anywhere you need them! I am thrilled to be here to teach you how you can build your own for about $25 a piece!

DIY Pedestal End Table

DIY Pedestal Accent Table Tutorial


Let’s get started with the supplies!  You will need the below wood items cut to size. You can either cut a wood round or buy one (like this).

Supplies for DIY Pedestal Accent Table

I found the leg for the pedestal accent table at Lowes.  They are in with the big ol’ columns in the lumber section.

Where to Buy Leg for Pedestal Accent Table

It is actually a porch post but to keep the price down it made sense to buy one large one and then cut it down to make two accent tables.  I know you are probably so happy you got to see my disgusting garage floor today!:-)  I definitely see a how to paint a garage floor DIY in my future somewhere down the road!:-)

Cut Porch Post to Create Two Side Tables

The turquoise lines above show you where to make your cuts.  Make your first cut (I used a miter saw) right where the middle turquoise line is.  After it has been cut measure 19 inches both way, mark it and cut it.  Now you have two legs to create two pedestal tables!

Note: It is very important that the above cuts are precise so that the leg is completely balanced when stood up.

I found the rest of the supplies at Home Depot although I’m sure other hardware stores have similar supplies as well.

Measure and cut your wood to the sizes shown above. I used a jig saw for this part.

Measure and Cut Wood for Accent Table

Building it

Now that the hard part is over lets have some fun!:-)  We will start by making the base of the table.

Take your largest square and add Liquids Nails adhesive (with a caulk gun) to the center of it as shown below.

Apply Liquid Nails to Create Tiered Base

Now add the second largest square on top and make sure it’s centered.  Apply Liquid Nails to the top of it just like you did with the first square.  Next place the smallest square on top and make sure it is centered.

The photo below shows two completed bases.

DIY Bases for Pedstal Accent Table

Let the base dry for at least 30 minutes before continuing. Then make a circle of Liquid Nails adhesive in the center of the top square (as shown below).

Apply Liquid Nails to Attach Accent Table Leg

Place the leg (round part down) onto the base where the adhesive lies.  With a damp paper towel wipe away any excess adhesive around the base of the leg and make sure the leg is centered.

Let it sit untouched for at least 30 minutes (you may want to monitor it from time to time to make sure it hasn’t shifted).

DIY Pedestal Accent Table Instructions

At this point you may be wondering if we are building ‘The Christmas Story” inspired leg lamp.  Nope, no lampshade next!:-)

Next is the wood round top.:-)  On the bottom of the wood round mark the center of it.

Measure and Trace where Leg attaches to top

Apply Liquid Nails adhesive to the top of the leg (as shown below) and place the wood round on top making sure it is completely centered.

Connect Top of Side Table with Liquid Nails

Okay, great job! Now leave it untouched overnight or for 12-24 hours.


DIY Pedestal Side Table Tutorial

In case you are worried about it holding up with just Liquid Nails you could screw a super long screw from the bottom of the base into the leg but I don’t think it’s necessary.  Without any coaxing on my part the accent table has already been kid tested (as shown below) and has not had any problems.:-)

Kid-tested DiY Accent Table

Once the adhesive has dried apply a thin layer of caulk between each level of the base, where the base and leg meet, and under the wood round where it meets the leg. Smooth caulk with your finger and wipe away excess caulk with a damp paper towel.

This step makes the separate pieces look more like they are all one piece and also provides extra adhesion. While you have the caulk out look for imperfections such as cracks that can be mended.

Fill in Imperfections

Before painting lightly sand any rough or uneven spots on the accent table.

Painting it

Now is perhaps the most fun part!  You get to paint it and really make it your own!

I did 1 coat using my DIY chalk paint recipe.
DIY Pedestal Table after First Coat of Paint

And then I lightly distressed it with glaze to give it more character and definition.
DIY Pedestal Accent Table showing Glaze
DIY Pedestal Accent Table Top
I think it would be super cute lacquered up in a fun pop of color or relaxed in a warm neutral color like the one I used for my hutch.

Or an espresso finish would be gorgeous, too! Soooo many possibilities!!:-)
DIY Pedestal Accent Table
How to make a Pedestal Accent Table

I hope you enjoyed this DIY and your new accent tables if you end up making them! I hope you will stop by to say hi at Provident Home Design. Til next time!


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  1. Can’t wait to make it. It is super cute! But what kind of wood is the base made of? Is that MDF and which one did you buy?

    1. Hi, Manal! Thanks for the great question! For the bases I bought a 3/4 inch thick pine board from Lowes and cut it down into the different sizes. I think mdf sheets cut to size could work too. Don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any more questions!:-)

  2. I am wanting to make a table just like this…but MUCH larger…like 26 to 30 inches around. Would I just make the base a bit larger to accommodate the size change?

  3. How tall is the completed table? I love this! Looks like a great project I can actually take on! Thank you for sharing!

  4. I love your table. I was thinking of making a few for my back yard but wanted them bar height to use as a cocktail table. Can you suggest something to use to make it 40 or 43 inch and also if you have any idea on how it will stand on grass without tiping over. Thanks