Easy Tricks to Create More Closet Space

Hi there Remodelaholic readers! I’m Madeline and I blog over at The Life We Dream about all things home, DIY, fashion, fitness and life in general! I am so excited to be here! My life is a little bit on the crazy side right now (whose isn’t?!)- my husband is in training for 5 months and I am living in with my parents. And our 4 dogs. In the bedroom I grew up in. Oh boy.

We sold our first house in a day (woo! and ohmygosh!), so when I moved in, it was in a bit of a rush. Fast forward a few months and I still couldn’t find things in the closet, couldn’t fit anything in my dressers and was an all around mess. It was time to organize.More Closet Space

First of all, I assessed the space. What was being underutilized? The back wall had a shoe organizer up against it that wasn’t even functional. After some measuring I figured out that I could add a dresser (the one in the bedroom was my mom’s when she was little- child sized drawers that I could fit maybe two t-shirts in!). Deep drawers would give me storage- and the short height would still allow me to access the back of the closet.

Create More Closet Space09The wall across from the hanging storage was blank and boring. I couldn’t add too much here- I still needed to be able to walk in! But hooks are always functional & have so many uses!
The space under my hanging clothes needed to be used up as well. A shoe rack and baskets and bins would make the space the most functional!
There is usually somewhere that you can find space- be creative and think outside the box to find solutions that fit your needs.

So with all of that in mind… I headed to Ikea and collected:

1 Malm 3 drawer chest

2 Tjusig shoe racks

2 sets of Tjusig hooks

After putting them all together (man I wished I knew where my little screw driver tool was!) I was in business. Here is the finished result!

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I added a mirror over the dresser to look cute, make the space look bigger & to function as a vanity! When people visit, they share my very small bathroom. Having another space to put on make up was perfect for the holiday season!

The first set of hooks holds my necklaces- I can see them and so I wear them! I loved using hooks in our old house & when I moved threw everything into a bag. Bad plan. In 10 seconds flat that were a tangled frustrating mess!


A mug and a box on the dresser hold my earrings and bracelets. All easily accessible all ready to be coordinated with my outfit!

The second set of hooks holds jackets- I am always cold & always wearing these light weight jackets (I got three new ones for Christmas!) so they need a home. I also like to hang up what I am going to wear the next day here so it is ready to go in the morning.


On the left wall I now have a hamper, my hang up bin (I tried to make this small so I actually hang up clothes.. I am forever guilty of throwing them on the floor- drives my husband nuts!), and a bin for donation. The shoe racks hold shoes (duh!) and my sweaters that I don’t want to get stretched out on hangers.


Overall the space functions so much better! I love having all of my clothing (except unmentionables & work out t-shirts) in one space. It makes seeing what I have so much easier and getting dressed much more fun.

Closet Space

Thanks for letting me share! I can’t wait to see you all back here next time! Please come visit me on social media: Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest are my favorites!


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Madeline blogs with her sister at Ellis & Page. She just bought a fixer upper right on the water in North Carolina. Slowly but surely, she is working on making it beautiful again!

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  1. This looks great and is great inspiration for my own. Can you give the dimensions of your closet? By the way, I also am guilty of throwing clothes on the floor. ????

    1. Hi Marica-
      The closet is about 4 feet wide by 6 feet long.
      My basket of clothes I want to hang up later is definitely helpful!

  2. This was a great post so thank you a lot. I find small tiny spaces so hard to figure out and I just love how you used up every inch of this closet. the chest o drawers was a great idea, I love that unusually shaped mirror and the hook at different levels?!! You get the gold medal or closet organization