Elephant Butts and Ice Cream

As many of you know, (since I shamelessly announced it on facebook!, so that I could get extra attention) yesterday was my Birthday!
Thank you for all your well wishes, it really was a WONDERFUL day. I woke up to a really nice little love letter from my husband. And took my time getting ready. Then at 12:30, I went and picked Justin up from work so we could have a play date together for my birthday!!!

We went to a Mexican restaurant for lunch. Mi Cocinas, I think I have that right. The lunch was a little disappointing, (we actually both ordered Chalupas, they were hard shells with like nacho cheese and beans… um– not so great!!- we found out today that we should have ordered fajitas….) Oh well, the restaurant itself was well designed and nice.

We began walking around downtown, thinking that is what we would do. We stopped by the Fort Worth visitors center to see what we ought to do downtown. Then they mentioned the zoo (not exactly downtown… but) I have never really been to a real zoo, -like a big zoo. I went to the Logan, Utah zoo several times, with my nieces and nephews, but a real live zoo. I had to go, and since it was MY day we did!
On the way to the car though, we saw a chocolate shop… (remember it’s my day)
by me.
And they had KITTIES!!!
Yeah, you all know I LOVE kitties!
Here kitty, kitty!




What a fabulous day, and I got to go out to dinner, and watch biggest loser and visit with friends, for a short bit at our card club! Happy day!
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