Excitement and Questions…

I just wanted to let ya all know what we are up to. I am 18 weeks along and getting more and more excited. We get to find out what we are having on Friday- Yeah, I know ONLY two days. I hope the babe cooperates. I am ready to get past this not knowing, and I wonder how do people NOT find out?

I think I could only do that if I already had a boy and girl, but really I would still find out because I am a chronic planner. I can’t even allow myself to think of names…

I just NEED to know first.

Meanwhile, I got 2 huge boxes of maternity clothes from all my wonderful sisters.

I tried on everything, and yes, if I wanted to see the full effect, I occasionally stuffed a pillow up my shirt. (But I’m telling ya, it just isn’t the same as that cute round belly!)

For the last few weeks, I have been getting excited to start showing. I still haven’t gained a single pound, I’ve lost a few. But surprisingly, when I decided I hated having the maternity clothes just laying on a chair in my room and that I needed to hang them up, and that I could do it without throwing up, I decided to, just hang them up.

Well this required some cleaning out, in order to fit them in. I decided to try on all my pants. Just to see if some where too tight, and could be folded on a shelf until, well -whenever I can get them back on.

Now mind you, I have been wearing 5 or 6 pairs of my favorite pants pretty much day in and out, and can still button them no problems. But the other 25 pairs of pants… (I know I have too many clothes) there was a good inch and a half of space between the button.

I didn’t even really notice. But then the other day I took a shower and was really looking at my side profile in the mirror, and there is most definitely a roundish little belly beginning.

I am SO excited!!!

But what is funny is when I mention that I can’t wait to start wearing my 2 boxes of maternity clothes, everyone is so negative to me. “Oh you’ll hate those just give it time.” Well I assure you I have some good selections to choose from, and I plan on getting a few more pieces that I love. And I plan on looking dang cute!

Whenever I say I can’t wait to start showing, all I get is the “Oh you’ll wish you weren’t as soon as you do!” And so I ask,

What is up with all the negativity?

Why can’t I be excited to look pregnant? And wear my maternity clothes without being put down.

Granted throwing up for 3 months 8 times a day was not fun, I did complain a bit, but I was still thankful and happy to be pregnant. And strangely every time I threw up- I was somewhat glad to know that everything was still going strong.

And now that I am not throwing up- I am happy to be able to clean my house and dream about wearing my maternity clothes and let my husband feel the baby kick.

I will even deal with the swollen ankles and cheeks.

But please just let me be happy- no negative comments, and I will try to keep it that way too. I’ve been waiting a long time to be kicked in the ribs, have horrible heartburn, deal with the swollen ankles and cheeks, and I AM HAPPY ABOUT IT!

P.S. I’ll try to get some good swollen ankle pictures at some point! For now I found this one online! Bring it on.

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