The stats: 2nd month

(there will be more pictures of Etta in her blessing dress coming this week)
She hasn’t changed much in terms of percentages:
90% for weight 12 lbs 8 oz
97% for height 24 1/4″
75% head circumference (I guess she didn’t get my BIG head!)

We got shots too(this on the same morning the cat almost died, thank you very much). This was a really hard thing for both of us! (notice I said we got shots, technically it was only Etta, but it was a nightmare for Mommy) The nurse was like I’m real fast, she was. So fast the alcohol hadn’t dried the band aids didn’t stick and she left the room before Etta had finished her huge shocked in tack of breath.

It was the saddest most hurt, painful cry and face you have ever seen. Her eyes filled with tears, I grabbed her up in my arms, and got blood all over my shirt, trying to help calm her down. I was decided to nurse her, and it was like here world hers my boob, cuz we were on ground level with the blind fully pulled up, facing an apartment complex- Oh well my poor screaming baby won the most important vote for me.

We’ve had some weird days since then. I have been sick a bit and I am pretty sure so has she.

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  1. >I hate shots and I've always wondered how those nurses can do it. One told me when I was taking Kayli that after seeing what could happen without the shots she doesn't mind inflicting the pain but that still doesn't help me feel much better. I'm just so glad they forget because when I've taken the older kids and they're very aware it's even worse! Wait until you have to pen her arms down to her side so she won't jump off the table and run for her life. SO SAD! You're a great mom and the trauma will lessen over time.