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Okay, so I thought it would be fun to join in Layla’s word party today.  So, far my mind is blank as to what exactly I want this year to be about, well in one word for that matter… I’ve never been good at picking favorites.

It would be so easy to pick the word “Balance”… cuz heaven knows I’d like to strive more for that.   But at the same time with two very little ones, balance is a bit of a charade that depends on their nap schedules.  So I am NOT picking balance – I don’t want to set myself up for failure…

balance copy

 “Survive” might be a good one.  For those of you with ample patience… you may not feel super duper ultra stressed from day to day, but I tend to.


 I could try to be something I’m not and put the word “Adventure”…  Well, I’m adventurous if knocking out a wall is adventurous…. but other than that I not really seeking thrills.  Hold on to dear life people!

Sky-Diving-Adventure-Wallpaper copy


So lets get real, maybe if I talk enough I will think of a word I would like the year to be about….

 This year, I do really want to be a better mother.  Give my children the ability to make  decisions, and not let my impatience get in the way.  Making them change out of pj’s just cuz I want them to, but rather let them choose those sort of things that are not super critical, but help them build up their confidence.

 Order.  Oh my goodness, I am craving order in my house, my life, my days… It is all a totally chaotic mess right now…  I simply can’t do big organizing projects when the girls are awake… it becomes a MAD house, and there are usually 8 melt downs from each child until I give up.  I have to let go of my pride a little on this front.  To me, it seems, that as a mother you can choose 1 maybe 2 things that you are really good at while you have young children and the rest is on the shelf at least for a few years.

 For example, if nutrition is your thing, you can be in total control of that.  If cleaning is your thing, you can be in total control of that… If setting up fun crafts for you kids is your thing, you will make it your priority…but not everything can be a priority… (like when I talked about my priorities, this is all coming into my mind)

 However, I might need to look into “order” as an option for thinking about my days.  Maybe it sounds unromantic…

Okay i think I’ve got it… Simplify!  but what is a more interesting word for simplify?

Simplify!  I know it has been done, but  it is one of those universal needs.  I would like to get rid of all the superfluous.Starting with cutting down on some of the extra stuff around my house, to the extra baby pounds still clinging to my behind…to the time wasters that take me away from my family.

Definition:  simplify  [sim-pluh-fahy]

Part of Speech:

make easy, intelligible

abridge, analyze, boil down, break down, break it down, chasten, clarify, clean it up, clean up,clear up, cut down, cut the frills, decipher,disentangle, disinvolve, draw a picture, elucidate, explain, facilitate, get down to basics, get to the meat, hit the high spots, interpret, lay out, let daylight in, let sunlight in, make clear, make perfectly clear, make plain, order, put in a nutshell, put one straight, reduce, shorten, spell out, streamline, unscramble

complicate, confuse, make difficult (Source)

 For my family, this is really a hard time.  My husband’s job is so shaky that there is a good chance he will be unemployed by next weekend.  They just have no work, and it has been months of being dragged around wondering when it will happen… I want to rip the band-aid off already and see how bad the cut will is, I just hate all this waiting… moving on.

Let’s see what word is more exciting than simplify?  I think the word Focus works.  I want to get rid of the vague and unnecessary.  I think this work will really work, Okay, I got a graphic, I am sticking with focus.


 How I want to be in focus.

I want to remember my ultimate goals for this life, not be so worried about day to day, as long as my final goals, my spiritual commitments and life are in focus, and live accordingly…

I want my children’s happiness and proper education to be my priority, not distractions that keep me from giving them my time.

I want to focus on what brings me joy, and get rid of what brings me down.  (from using my time properly to the space in my home, if I don’t love it, I am getting rid of it)

I want to focus on the needs of my husband, and our goals for life.

I want to be myself, and do what I’ve always wanted, without distractions.

What do you want to focus on this year?

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  1. In stark contrast, my word is embrace because I’m don’t want to focus on any one things this year:) I’m embracing whatever comes my way. Enjoy!