Pottery Barn Wall Art Knock Off

Submitted by Three Mango Seeds

I’ve been going a little crazy painting lately, but I can’t seem to help myself.  I loved this sign when I first saw it in the PB magazine.

via Pottery Barn

But really at $100 I’m just to frugal to spend that kinda cash for wall art and I figured I could make it myself.  Here’s how I did mine…

First I decided how wide I wanted my sign to be.  I used a 1×6 {cut to my desired length} and used two thin strips of wood to secure my cut 1×6’s together.  {Sorry no picture of this part!}

Framed out my boards, dry brushed the inside white and the frame black.  Used painters tape to create a border and painted that black as well.

I removed my tape before it was completely dry and got this.

Ready for letters…  I printed out my wording in Publisher, used Kinko’s to get my desired size, colored {pencil} the back side of the copy then traced over with a pencil to transfer to the sign.  Then I filled in the letters with some black paint I had left over from another project.  After I let all that paint dry, I distressed and sealed it.  This is what I had after all that…


 This last picture gives you an idea how big it is.  This isn’t going to be it’s home but at least you can see that it is BIG & let me just tell you its HEAVY!  It’s not exactly like my inspiration, but it’s close.

No styling to this picture…LOL  Forgive the fan & sewing machine, this is my workroom! I’d love to hear what you think.

You knocked that one out of the park!  Have fun looking at more DIY artwork projects here:

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  1. Oops! Just an FYI — the THREE MANGO SEEDS link in your post has an error, it’s not taking visitors to my blog but a different link. Thanks! 🙂

  2. Looks great! You did an excellent job. I normally use graphite paper to transfer the lettering, just less time consuming for me than the pencil trick.

  3. I love PB and how neat to see someone copy something of their’s, I love it!
    I’ve had trouble leaving comments on your blog but decided to try again and it worked:) I’ll be back!


  4. I love your sign! I commend you for doing your sign the old fashion way. I never really made a sign before until I got my silhouette machine, I didn’t have the patients nor the talent to do what you did. Great job, I think it looks better than the PB one!

  5. I love, love, love the way you show how easy it is. Projects intimidate me and the way you break it down is so great! The sign is amazing, love your page.

  6. love, love the way you show how easy it is. Projects intimidate me and the way you break it down is so great! The sign is amazing, love your page.