Murder Mystery…

I know you are all fearful after reading such a dreadful title.


I assure you all we are safe- and we have a great deal of hilarious pictures the show for this strange mystery.

Our friends Ryan and Katie Jevne have been planning the Murder Mystery date night for a while. And, I am so happy we got to do it since we were running out of time in Asheville. We all had our characters assigned and I was of course the queen my name was Queen Isabella Gaunt, but I liked to go by Ella- (Ella-Gaunt). But must warn you, my queen persona has not yet worn off- and I still believe I am in charge of, well, simply everything. Justin was the bishop I remember his name was Bishop Frankly Devout.

Actually, I must admit I am a bit bugged, that I struck the exact same obnoxious- super stupid pose in every picture see if you notice. I tried to crop it out where possible. but alas… (and there are probably 30 more of my doing the exact same thing, that I will not post as to not embarrass myself too completely- urgh!)

Three Cheers! For crazy late night picture ideas! I cracked up for about an hour after this!
Justin- You are so HOT!
Hope you enjoyed the adventure!
Thanks again to Ryan and Katie, for the great time!
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