Guest Room Reveal

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Patti’s retreat is finished!!!! And it is so so lovely….come check it out…

Here are a few before shots….to jog your memory…
The room wasn’t that inviting…or very useful.
So I came up with a design….a color scheme that was pleasing to boys and girls (and moms and dads)…and added in things that would make the room more useful.
 Some inexpensive wall art…..
 A place to sit and read or do homework….
Making this twin bed seem more like a daybed makes it much more functional….yet still a guest room when they need it….
 I created a shelf with a .50 piece of trim molding and a few wood brackets. It is the perfect landing place for Patti’s photo boxes (she will use this room to organize her 500 photo albums—-I joke I joke…but seriously she has a ton 🙂
 I found the desk that was a perfect size at Pier One. The design really fits the room nicely.
A couple of dollar store clipboards get all nice and pretty with some paper and rubber cement. I hung them on the wall to allow the kids to have a place to put them back and remind them to use them if they need too.
 A jar of candy encourages (we hope) homework to be started….never hurts to bribe a bit 🙂 I created a custom “wordart” on wordle….Love that site!
 A thrift store bucket makes a nice place to keep magazines and inspirations.
 The lamp on the table was a thrift store redo as well. I will be sharing many of the projects in here in the coming weeks…
This custom covered bulletin board is a great place to “leave” a project….without have to clean it all up. Patti can place the pictures she is working with here until she can get back to it…
 Patti painted the knobs on the armoire with oil rubbed bronze paint. I think it made a huge difference…on the cheap!
I really enjoyed this project! I love how with just a bit of paint and supplies they gained another useful space in thier house….that was there all the time!


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