Fairy Castle; Inspiration post

This post is a little off the “random-eter”  but when I saw it I had to share.
I just find it totally inspirational. Have  you ever wondered what a fairy castle looks like?  This:
Did you know this actually exists- in. real. life.  It does, Mont Saint Michel, France.
I am dreaming of going there some day, along with being able to speak French fleuently…
(now you really know I am dreaming!), here are some more pictures.
(source) I am sure this is just Photoshopped but still, I MUST see this!
(source for this and the following images)

Don’t you think this should have been in the Harry Potter movies!
Has anyone been there?  
Is it as lovely and dreamy as it seems?
Do you find this inspiring too?

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  1. >Wow! I've never been or even heard about it, but after seeing the pics…I think the hubs and I will have to plan a trip! Simply amazing!!!!

  2. This is a comment ten years later, so I hope by now you’ve had a chance to visit Mt. St. Michel. If you have, you know it is not a fairy castle but a monastery. The founder heard God tell him to build it in the 12th century and so all materials were brought to the island by carts or by hand. It’s an amazing feat and my favorite place I’ve ever visited. The waters surrounding the island are magical as well and depending on the tides, hide areas of quicksand. I hope you’ve been able to visit.