Fall Decor, Lighted Rag Garland Tutorial

This is a post I did from last year, just re-posting cause we are sorta busy at the moment!  Hope that is okay!
Within my home I have two banisters.  It is fun to have them decked out for the holidays.  I had all sorts of spooky stuff for Halloween and when I took it down, it felt bare.
I wanted a fall inspired garland, but couldn’t afford to buy one so I started to look around. 
Here is what I found, and how I used it
2 Bleach stained towels
2 Strands of white Christmas lights
Several scraps of fabric in different fall colors (about 1/2 a yard of about 6 colors, slightly more of some)
Masking tape
Fall leaf sprays (optional)
A bit of time (and a lot of hulu shows later)

The inspiration for this idea is a window treatment my friend Kim did in her daughter’s room.  The hard part was coming up with a bendable “bar” type string.  That is where the towel came in.  I cut some old towels into 1/3’s length wise.  Then sewed them end to end, (although I realize now that I could have just masking taped them together for those of you without a sewing machine.) 

Step 1. I measured the banister and cut the (now sewn/taped together) towel piece to length.

Step 2 Then I rolled it up width wise, and secured the roll with masking tape.  See picture below:

Step 3.  Wrap lights around towel roll.  Make sure the lights work!!! Then divide the roll and string in half to help you get an even distribution of lights.  Secure with masking tape when necessary.

Step 4.  If you choose to have a leaf spray at the end tape that in place at both ends of garland now.

Step 5.  Take your fabric of choice and cut them into strips.  I cut mine into strips approximately 1/2″ -1″ wide and 10″ to 15″ inches long .

Then begin tying the fabric strips randomly onto the towel roll.  Until the towel is completely covered

Hang up where ever you would like.  And plug it in.  It is so festive and fun at night!  I love it!
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  1. >Hello! This is awesome! To be honest I thought what in the world is she doing with those towels! I love how cute it turned out!

  2. >Great idea! I was trying to figure out how to dress up my house on a budget. Although this one doesn't have any railings whatsoever I think I'll find somewhere for this to go 🙂

  3. >This is wonderful! We are going to be moving into a house with stairs next month and I hope to make this! w


  4. >I too thought…what is she up to?! But I love it! And it's sooooo easy!! My husband will roll his eyes again (like he did when I bought 50 lbs. of feed corn to make microwaveable heat pads!) but it's tooooo cute to pass up!

  5. >At first I was thinking "I have NO idea how this could possibly turn out but it's the REMODELAHOLIC, it's going to ROCK" …and I was right! It's awesome!

  6. I Liked that you tried to create home decor with waste clothes and other waste things whcih saves money and recycles waste as well.