The Quickest and Easiest Way to Hang Shelves and Hooks for a Family Organization Center

Do you ever consider hanging stuff on your walls only to chicken out because of all the tools and things you have to collect just to hang anything?

I am a chronic non-wall decorator for this very reason.  I just can’t stand the thought of having to go through all the hassle of finding anchors, a hammer and nail to start a hole for the anchors, screws, a drill… I kid you not, so often my walls remain bare until I actually have to sell the house (or take pictures for this blog)!

So I was really excited when High & Mighty reached out to us about using their easy “designed to be stuck up” hanging products to get organized in our home. We’re collaborating with them today to sponsor this blog post and video about our super awesome new family organization center but, as always, all opinions and enthusiasm (and video outtakes!) are our own.

If you also deal with chronic “hangxiety” over hanging art, hooks, or shelves on your walls — today’s post is for you! And be sure to “hang out” to the end for a chance to win your own anti-hangxiety prize pack!

Family organization station featuring High & Mighty #DesignedToBeStuckUp easy to hang floating wall shelves, hooks, and wall hangers #remodelaholic

We had previously built this easy 2×6 bench and added the rolling numbered bins, but with both kids in school *and* extracurriculars now, plus running our own business from home, we needed some added organization to keep things in check. We put this whole mudroom area together in around an hour of working time and it has been exactly what we needed to keep our family running more smoothly.

Easy Hanging Family Organization Center in 60 Minutes (or Less!)

For our family organization center, we used:

  • 2 – 36-inch flat floating shelves in espresso
  • 6 rectangular decorative wall hooks in oil-rubbed bronze
  • 2 – 18-inch hook rails, espresso with oil-rubbed bronze hooks
  • 2 – 20-lb wall hangers
  • 3 wire baskets
  • 3 clipboards
  • plus our 2×6 bench and rolling baskets

High&Mighty Family Organization Center Project With No Tools

We started our family organization center above the bench with a set of 6 decorative hooks which we hung 3 wire baskets on. To get the placement right for the baskets to hang, we just measured where we wanted them on the wall and made a mark in the center of where the hook would hang.

Then, who has two thumbs and can hang 6 wall hooks in just a couple minutes? That’s right, this girl!

High&Mighty Family Organization Center Project With No Tools

You can see in the video just how easy it is to get them hung up and how the High & Mighty decorative hooks work — just place the fastener,

High & Mighty Family Organization Center@remodelaholic 100

use those thumbs to push the hanger into the drywall,

High & Mighty Family Organization Center@remodelaholic 102

and hang the hook on the fastener!

High & Mighty Family Organization Center@remodelaholic 104

No hangxiety over tools or wall anchors. And the next part of this wall of organizing is even BETTER!

Next we added the two floating shelves to put our calendars and whiteboards on, plus our ample supply of sticky notes and whiteboard markers. We’ve hung plenty of shelves in our time, and never has it been this easy! Right in the box with the High & Mighty floating shelf, there’s a template with a built-in level which makes hanging the shelf exactly where you want — and perfectly level — ridiculously easy.

High&Mighty Family Organization Center Project With No Tools

I’m thinking these would be a great wedding present — great versatile decorating, and saving the newlyweds their first fight over trying to hang a shelf together. Win-win, right? Although I guess later they’ll still have to argue about the right way to load the dishwasher, but maybe that can at least be *after* they’ve decorated their first place…

To hang the floating shelves, just place the template:

High & Mighty Family Organization Center@remodelaholic 108

push the 3 wall fasteners into the drywall at the spots marked on the template,

High & Mighty Family Organization Center@remodelaholic 111

and slide the shelf over the fasteners. Ta-da!

High & Mighty Family Organization Center@remodelaholic 114

High & Mighty Family Organization Center@remodelaholic 115

And PS: These shelves are really sturdy, so they are not going to come crashing down in the middle of the night (and make your sleepy brain convinced there’s a burglar, even after realizing it was just the shelf). #beentheredonethat

We crowned our family organization station with a really fun gold wire WELCOME sign. Since it’s an open wire sign and the wall hangers would be visible, we gave them a quick coat of paint before following the instructions on the package… do you have them memorized yet? Place, push, and hang!

High & Mighty Family Organization Center@remodelaholic 118

Next we added two hook rails along the left side to give us plenty of hanging space for purses, hats, jackets, scarves, etc. With cold weather season upon us, I am so excited to get out my and my girls’ collection of cute scarves! This is also going to be great for the different extracurricular activities we’re involved in — one bag for dance, one for sewing class, one for soccer, etc.

High & Mighty Family Organization Center@remodelaholic 121

The process of hanging the High & Mighty hook rails is just as quick, easy, and painless as hanging the shelves and they come with the same type of easy integrated-level template:

High & Mighty Family Organization Center@remodelaholic 119

High & Mighty Family Organization Center@remodelaholic 120

So easy that even the non-handiest among us can hang these shelves and hooks with total confidence, and ZERO TOOLS, in about 5 minutes. Seriously amazing.

We finished it up by hanging 3 colorful clipboards for homework, and then added the rest of our family organizing tools: markers, post-it notes, etc.

High&Mighty Family Organization Center Project With No Tools

I am so happy with how this turned out! Once we had the layout of the area decided, this organization station went together lickety split. Subtracting the time we spent doing the filming, we hung everything in well under an hour — the individual hooks take about a MINUTE is all!

This space has made life for our family so much easier and more organized. If you’ve been wanting a family organization center but hesitant about the work of actually hanging the hooks and adding shelves, now you have NO excuse! So swim out from where you’re drowning in family paperwork and get organized!

High&Mighty Family Organization Center Project With No Tools

We used these all together in our family organizing center, but you can literally use them anywhere you have drywall walls and need a wall hanger to hang a picture, a floating shelf to hold small items or decor, or a series of hooks for keys, scarves, and hats. And the best news is — you can enter to win a prize pack of High & Mighty hanging materials here!

High & Mighty Prize Pack + Gift Card Giveaway

One lucky winner will receive a High & Mighty prize pack to create your own family organization station, just like ours, in your choice of colors and a $500 Visa gift card!

2 additional lucky winners will be able to create the organizing center of their dreams by winning a product pack which includes:

  • 2 – 36-inch floating shelves
  • 2- 18-inch hook rails
  • 6 decorative hooks
  • 1 set of wall hangers

To enter for a chance to win, just leave us a comment below and visit and follow High & Mighty on Instagram to see more lickety-split installation videos. Be sure to record your entries in the widget below — and use those smart thumbs to click SHARE below to share with your friends, too! **Please note that this giveaway is open to US residents only.

High & Mighty Prize Pack + Gift Card

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  1. I’m definitely most excited about the floating shelves; they’re so functional and they utilize wall space so well!

  2. I know right where I will hang this, in my sewing room on the wall above my sewing machine. WOW, would this get me organized for once. I am so happy that I can hang this all by myself. Good luck to me!

  3. I can use all the organization help I can get. I would love to win a High and Mighty prize pack to create an organization center in my home!

  4. The floating shelves look so cool! They look like the perfect thing for my teeny tiny half bath with zero storage (pedestal sink and all)!

  5. I am most excited to win the hook rails. My mister has been grumping about where to hang his coat since I converted the coat closet into a pantry. Haha!

  6. I was forever losing keys, purse in my home until my sister said “everything must have a home”…I’m better with placement now…..however nothing is in the same room. This layout could be my total solution. Thanks for the tips.