Lovely New Windows!

You saw how bad our windows were yesterday, but I am here to wash that vile taste out of your mouth and show you how GREAT they look today!  Basically 1000% better.  And it isn’t just looks, it is totally function- they work so well!  The best part is that the install was a dream.  The install team hired from Home Depot that came to install the windows, went above AND beyond what they had to do and I will explain that in a minute. 

We got 5 new windows.  There was a lot of work to do!  Best part:

The installers were really fast.  They got all 5 windows done in about 3 hours.

They were really clean.  They took all the trash and old windows away with them, nothing for us to have to drive to the dump!

They added trim two other windows that had been previously replaced, so they would all match.  This was the thing that truly cemented my love for the installers.  They worked so hard, and were really nice guys.

The installers love working with the Home Depot.  (They  are contractors hired by the Home Depot, so they work with other companies too.   But he (the installer) really stressed how much he LOVES working with the Home Depot because they work so well with the people they buy through them.  And if you are not 100% satisfied, then Home Depot considers that a fail, so they aim to not only please you, but astound you!   And these installers really did do that!

new windows installed by the Home depot (1)

Since there were 5 windows to be replaced they got right to work.  Here comes some of the old window pieces… and no, I wasn’t sad to see them go- at all!   It was really exciting to watch the installers do their thing,  especially knowing I wasn’t the one that had to do it!  Ha ha!

Windows are still a bit of a mystery to me.   Through our 4 remodels, this is the first time we have had to replace windows.   So it was nice to see it done.  For die hard DIY-ers, I think this is a project that can be done DIY but here is this caveat- I would rather have professionals do it.  Certain tasks are just worth the money to me.    Like plumbing installs, roofing, garage doors, and windows!  When someone knows what they are doing, does it well and does it fast, it is worth the cash to pay them for their expertise!   I am learning more and more lately that time is money.  Not everyone has reached that point in their life and I totally understand that, but when investing in something so important it is nice to know it was done right, and has an AWESOME warranty to back it up.

new windows installed by the Home depot (2)

It was pretty amazing seeing the whole huge gaping spots where windows used to be.   Etta’s room was probably most exciting (for the girls!)  There was some major squealing and happy posing when they saw me inside her room and they were outside.

new windows installed by the Home depot (5)new windows installed by the Home depot (6)

Another reason I was HAPPY about the installers doing the hard work?  No scary ladders, no fear of dropping a window 2 stories, or myself…!

new windows installed by the Home depot (4)new windows installed by the Home depot (3)

Also, another bonus, no climbing into spider filled, vine covered, window holes….  (I cannot for the life of me think of what the term is, for those window holes… what is it?  Inevitably, I will remember after this is published and then forgot to change this!)
new windows installed by the Home depot (7)

So the spaces made for the windows in the concrete basement portion of the house were totally all bowed out and awful!  Not square at all, but they got the windows in perfectly and they open and close like buttah!

new windows installed by the Home depot (10) new windows installed by the Home depot (9)

The best part, the CROWNING glory of the windows (and this really has nothing to do with the actual windows) is the PVC coated aluminum window trim.  You can see in the pictures above the metal sash things that were not ever covered with stucco.  Well, that was exposed, and UGLY as all get out.  They put this lovely white trim around all the windows on the basement portion.

Let me clarify, because I want to make this crystal clear.  We had 2 previously replaced windows with that ugly exposed metal form.  The window installers had no responsibility for those windows whatsoever, and yet they trimmed them out to so that all the windows would match, look clean and finished.  IT was AMAZING!  I am telling you!  I almost cried!  The windows LOOK SO GOOD now…  The stucco?  That is a different story!  It needs some new paint REALLY bad.)  All Good things come with time… (they hadn’t caulked the trim yet in this picture, so imagine it looking even more amazing.)

new windows installed by the Home depot (11)

Don’t  judge, the state of the yard, there are about 7 projects going on back there right now, huge really ugly making projects, that will soon look great, but not quite yet!    Here is the back of the house, were 4 windows were replaced.  it looks SO much better!  I am telling you this window update has improved the look of the house by 100%.   Also the rooms that used to fluctuate in temperature SO much are pretty even tempered!  It is amazing the difference!

new windows installed by the Home depot (12)

The windows function really well.  There is one little feature that I totally love, shown below.  Near the center of the window there is this little, uh “thing” (don’t know what you would really call it..)

new windows installed by the Home depot (15)

When you pull it gently with your finger nail, it pops up

new windows installed by the Home depot (16)

And becomes a window stop!  So if you want just a little bit of air to come in, there is still a way to lock the window when it is open a few inches.  THIS IS GENIUS!

new windows installed by the Home depot (17)


Okay one quick reminder of the before:

2013-05-03 Installing the windows (7) 2013-05-03 Installing the windows (11)


Time for some after shots!  (we built some shutters, that we have yet to finish for all the windows, we will have a tutorial soon!)

 new windows installed by the Home depot (24) new windows installed by the Home depot (22)

Inside Etta’s Room!  (don’t forget to check out the confetti drapery tutorial!)new windows installed by the Home depot (20)

The upstairs kitchen window:

new windows installed by the Home depot (19) new windows installed by the Home depot (18)

Upstairs Dining Room Window! ( I will have to get the tutorial of these drapes up soon!  I made them only 2 years ago… duh!)

new windows installed by the Home depot (14)

We are LOVING our new Home Depot windows.  I am So happy we finally go them replaced!   If any of you are thinking about getting new windows be sure to check out the Home Depot!

 “I acknowledge that The Home Depot is partnering with me to participate in this 2013 REMODELAHOLIC WINDOW CAMPAIGN (the “Program”). As a part of the Program, I am receiving compensation in the form of products and services, for the purpose of promoting The Home Depot At Home Services. All expressed opinions and experiences are my own words. My post complies with the Word Of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) Ethics Code and applicable Federal Trade Commission guidelines.

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  1. I love how clean it looks! So great! I have some windows that need to be replaced and I didn’t know Home Depot offers that service. Home Depot (a contractor hired by Home Depot) installed my privacy fence and they did an amazing job! I’m so happy with it! I’ll definitely look into getting them to replacing our windows now, too.

    1. My husband figured it out for me… I meant window wells! But rough opening might have worked somewhere else that I couldn’t think of the proper term too! So thanks for trying to figure it out for me!