Figuring out Window Coverings

I’ve had a few comments about the windows in the family room… They are nekked, it’s like a bad dream!  I totally know…


When we first moved in I made these drapes from 4 pre-made panels.  I wanted them to be nice and long, so I purchased 4 total panels, then I cut one up into thirds and added it to the bottom of the 6 ft.-ish panels, hung the bars about 3 inches from the ceiling, and finished them when they were the proper length!  (not the best picture, but I don’t want have to go looking for another one!  Sorry!)


fake mantel 1


Here are what the windows look like when we finished the built in project.  There is obviously not the room for full length panels any more.  ( I am trying the old drapes out in Etta’s room now!)



I‘ve had one reader suggest moldings, because of the space limitations (with the now installed mantel), I am not sure about that option yet, (but I make no promises about controlling the amount of moldings I put in a house!)so they may end up in the plan!

I do know that I want to have some sort of window dressing.  But finding the RIGHT fabric has been driving me batty.  I have this idea of what I want in my head and it just doesn’t exists apparently.   Cuz, I just can’t seem to find THE fabric

The rug’s print is a very flowing, an organic floral paisley.  It has a lot of great colors to pull from.  Because the rug has so much movement, I want the opposite for the windows.  I really want the window covering to be a geometric print in a solid color (pulled from the rug!) with white or neutral design, but I haven’t seen the scale or print that I like, so I think I am going to have to go the stencil route.

shaw indea rug in teal


So, when it comes to the window coverings for this space I KNOW that I want a roman shade/valance.  I don’t really care if it operates… But I may make it operable just in case for watching movies in the middle of the day…  (although that is a lot of extra fabric to have to stencil.. hum…)


Before we finished the built-is, I was testing out what it would look like with an old shower curtain I am not using… maybe it does need moldings?!



When it comes to fabrics I am thinking more of the Moroccan stencil style, sorta large scale, I also feel like I want some color up there, but I am not totally sure about that.  I as I’ve been contemplating this, I have come to the decision that I am going to force myself to use one of the many fabrics I have bought over the years and not used.  I love this print as an option:




So, I climbed into my craft closet… use I just used the verb climbed to describe how I walked into a closet, it is kinda outta control at the moment.  C’est la vie.


Here are some of the fabrics I pulled out of my stash that I thought could work (minus one, cuz I pinned it up to the window already to see what I thought about the look of a roman valance)


The (1)brown and white would sort of give me the graphic look I want… I like (2) the stripes, but I am not sure.  The (3) colorful one is too similar to the rug (but I LOVE it).  I like the (4) two burlaps… I like all (5)simple solid blues… and they could be stenciled… we will have to see what happens.


I want the overall look of the roman shade to be simple, like this only outside mount


This is a home show I got to work on during my college internship.  The designer I worked for was the fabulous, Michele Dunker, and I love her style. She let me do so much, and that also meant I got to go crazy with moldings(notice the lattice ceiling), and pick out a lot of the finishes. it was a FUN internship, that gave me a ton of actual experience.


Or like this, which is maybe a little more preppy.



Here is what the windows looked like with the pinned up drape.  Just pinned mind you with pushpins… not perfect in anyway.





P.S.  Notice the lamp up there?  My daughter knocked the other one over and it shattered.  So I only have the one, and it isn’t heavy enough to be on a side table (obviously)…  Do you think this is too odd to have it up there?  I am still planning on lights on either side of the fireplace, I might wait and see how it looks once they are up.  For now it is safer than it was on the side table, and I only need one, so it works.


I am also considering curtains on the outside corner of the large window.  It might be a fun way to add another fabric… I am not sure that is going to happen!  What do you think of the panel idea from below?



I definitely haven’t made up my mind yet.  What do you guys think?  Which fabric would you go with?  Do you like the panel on the side yes or no?


I would love to hear your opinions, I still haven’t taken the pinned drapes down they have been up all week, but I am liking the direction it is moving.  But I still haven’t made up my mind entirely!


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  1. i love the panel in the fabric your hubby is holding up! i would do just one panel on either side so you can easily slide to the side if you want to (like where he is holding it) and it won’t distract from the “fireplace” when you have your mantle all decorated nicely for special occasions!

    1. It is true that it is nice to just pull the shades shut quickly without having to unwind all the strings from blinds and stuff! I will have to see what two panels look like, I was just worried it might be too busy in the center of the space. (that fabric is a dream though, huh!)

  2. I like the panel better! It mimics the lines of the storage tower and fireplace. The roman shades, while nice, to me overly elongate the space. I think the panels also help draw the eye up and create more balance. But I’m sure whatever choice you go with will look great!

    1. That is a good point! But I am pretty sure that I will do both, I don’t like to have to see the blinds(a necessary evil!), which the romans would cover up! I will keep fooling around with it!

  3. Great job! It looks so amazing and I keep checking everyday to see what you post.

    I vote for the relaxed roman shades kind of like the ones you have pinned. Very pleasing to the eye. I vote no to adding a panel to one the side…it seems a little awkward and unbalanced to me.

    I would also love to see one thick long window seat cushion spanning the entire length of the window seat bench in a neutral solid fabric (something that you won’t tire of quickly). I would introduce patterns with tons of pillows with removable cleanable covers (you know how important that is when you have little sticky hands around). Pillow covers are inexpensive to replace when you tire of the pattern.

    I would also love to see you paint the interiors of the window seat bench cubbies…maybe black like the interiors of the built-in bookcases you have done downstairs?

    Ok, enough with all of my magic fairy wishes. I love your style and think you both are doing a wonderful job transforming your house into a home.

    A devoted reader

    1. WOW! There are a ton of great ideas in your comment! I hadn’t thought about painting the cubbies. Hummm… I like the sound of that, but I might have to do something bright! (maybe it is just cuz spring is around the corner, but I am craving color!)

      I have been planning to make a seat cushion, but I have been so stuck on patterned fabric that I hadn’t even considered solid… honestly it hadn’t really crossed my mind, but I think you are right. I do want the pillows, and have been throwing a bunch up there. (although they tend to be pulled or kicked off in the first ten minutes of the day!

      Thank you for ALL your ideas! YOu maybe seeing some of them sooner rather than later!


    1. I do like that look too…I was hoping not to spend money… But I will keep this idea in mind. It would be a wonderful texture to bring into the room!


  5. I really like the blue on the top of the pile of blues. Well, this may sound weird, but what if you stenciled about 2/3 or 3/4 the length you need and leave the bottom 1/3 or 1/4 solid? Maybe paint a horizontal stripe to separate the stenciled area from the solid section.

  6. Not sure about the panels. They look great but if you are going to use that window seat, then functionally the panels are going to get leaned on and pulled etc.. (or they would in my house) Think a bamboo/rattan window covering or roman shade would work best, or fabric covered cornices if you are looking to add pattern and color!

  7. I like the roman shades on the windows. I like both fabrics, the solid and the floral, but having a side panel might not be the best with little kids. A cushion and large pillows will soften up the corners but be more kid friendly. I think you have enough hard surfaces with all the built ends, adding fabric will soften the area, so I wouldn’t do mouldings. It will look fantastic no matter what you do!

  8. Your windows -NEED- casings! Nice chunky white casings and then simple Roman shades to soften the windows without taking over the space and distracting from your fabulous built-ins, the fireplace and the great light your room is getting!

    That’s what I would do :o)

    1. OH Buddy! Sweet boy! I miss him! He was the best helper! He was ALWAYS by our side during projects! (an dof course when we had to tease him with the laser light!)