8 Ways to Decorate Your Home with Flowers

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Bring spring into your home with floral decor! Florals are on trend and they can be a lot of fun to decorate with. Today’s florals are bold, graphic, and colorful, making them more modern than the florals of years past. Here are eight fresh ways to decorate your home with flowers.

1. Floral Wallpaper

Wallpaper has been trendy for a while, but with the emerging popularity of florals in home decor, we’re now seeing an explosion of floral wallpaper.

For an excellent example of how the right floral wallpaper can instantly add beauty and character to a space, check out this girly-glam closet makeover that includes an amazing floral wallpaper.



2. Floral Pillows

For the past several years, pillows covered in geometric fabrics have ruled the home decor world. Right now, however, floral pillows are in demand. If you already have geometric pillows, you’re off to a great start. Geometric pillows pair very nicely with today’s colorful floral pillows.



3. Floral Art

When you think of florals in art, you might conjure an image of a still life painting of flowers in a vase. That’s fine, but try to think bigger and just a bit differently. Can you imagine this rose painting blown up and hung in a bedroom? Gorgeous.



4. Floral Lampshades

Jazz up your lamps by turning a plain white lampshade into a floral one. You could wrap a lampshade in a floral fabric or find vintage floral wallpaper and paste that to a lampshade. Of course, you could always simply buy new floral lampshades and swap out your old ones.



5. Florals on the Bed

The bedroom is a natural place to include florals for the home, especially on your bed. Try to mix patterns so you don’t go too flowery. You could DIY a headboard with your favorite floral fabric for a bold statement or add a couple of floral pillows for a smaller change. Or go big and do both!



6. Floral Rug

A soft floral rug adds softness and beauty to a room. Bright and cheery flowers on a rug can bring a lot of life to a fairly simple room, like this one and this one.



7. Floral Curtains

Add whimsy to a room with a pair of beautiful floral curtains. Your favorite floral curtains could be a great starting point to a room design or makeover — just make your decor choices based on the colors in the curtain and you’ll have a cohesive and attractive room in the end.



8. Floral Upholstery

The right floral upholstery can look really striking on a pair of chairs in the living room or on your dining chairs. You could even cover a sofa with floral upholstery if you absolutely love the fabric. Just be sure that the lines of your furniture are modern or at least contemporary so they don’t veer into grandma-land territory. Although, there’s nothing wrong with that if that’s the look you’re after!



Life is busy, so don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers!


Featured image courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens.

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