Friends of a Feather

Buddy would sure like to be better friends with our feathery flock.  He’d like them, to consider him, their friend.  In fact, I am sure he would love to have them over for dinner!   Unfortunately for him, and fortunately for our chickens, there is an ever present barrier. 

That actually doesn’t stop them from hanging out.  The chickens like to sit on the patio furniture and look in,  and even occasionally watch a movie with us.  Buddy likes watching them watch us.


Here they are watching a show with us.
Even Kitty is sorta interested in her two legged-outdoor siblings.
We know they at least have something in common, they both like a good perch.

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  1. >Hi there, I am pretty new to your site, but wanted to let you know that you could most likely let your cats outside without worrying about your chickens. I grew up with chickens, and a cat, who was an adept hunter. She never bothered with the chickens. In fact, they sometimes bothered her…