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Now that my little munchkin is around, I have needed  to rethink my creative process.   It all has to be done within 45 minute periods, or be able to wait, until the next nap.  It also has to be cheap.  And guess what, spray paint fills the bill for both needs.  It is fast, drys in 45 minutes, is cheap and gives is a fun quick change. 

I got two free chairs from my internship that had been crushed in shipping.  Justin and I nailed and glued them back together!   I wouldn’t say they are perfect…  In fact. I really think they are a bit disproportionate, but I fixed one on Tuesday.  I did it in about 3 naps and it looks 100 % better.  In my opinion!  What do you think?

It cost only 2.96 for spray paint.

The fabric was a sample from Decorators Walk, that I got in college. 
Here is the Before: (technically the chair isn’t even really wood, it is that foam junk that is painted to look like wood)
After: Painted Black and recovered.
I like the chair best with a pillow because the back is too big for the size of the base. 
Not everything is better super-sized, especially furniture it loses it’s proper scale and balance that way. 
Love it or hate it?  Let me know!
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Cassity Kmetzsch started Remodelaholic after graduating from Utah State University with a degree in Interior Design. Remodelaholic is the place to share her love for knocking out walls, and building everything back up again to not only add function but beauty to her home. Together with her husband Justin, they have remodeled 6 homes and are working on a seventh. She is a mother of four amazing girls. Making a house a home is her favorite hobby.

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  1. >I love it-the fabric is great. Another great project!

    I am so glad Crazy Tracey is gone from the Biggest Loser! She looks awesome! I think she made some poor choices on the show and they capitalized on that and made her the bad guy. I love that show. Thanks for the words of encouragement!

  2. >I like it better after the makeover, but I was looking at it thinking that the photograph must have made it look distorted because it looked out of balance. And then you cleared that up, the back is too big for the base. But you fixed that quite nicely with the additional pillow.

  3. >That fabric makes the chair. It has a great shape and looks so chic painted black. The choices you made with this chair made it a stunner.