Most Popular Black Paint Colors

Hi Remodelaholics! Cyndy here from The Creativity Exchange back with another post all about fantastic paint colors. If you missed my last post about the paint color trends for 2017, you can find it here.

Black is classic and far from being drab or boring. Add drama and interested to your home with these popular black paint colors for cabinets, doors, and walls.

Popular Black Paint Colors

Today I wanted to highlight some of the most popular black paint colors out there and show you why black is making such a huge comeback on walls, cabinetry and interior/exterior doors.

Black Paint Colors for Walls

One of the hottest trends in paint colors in the last six months has been the surge of black interior walls. All of the sudden, we are seeing black walls everywhere and while it may sound a little out there, it actually can be so amazing when the other elements layered in a space compliment and balance the dark walls.

These black shiplap walls mixed with the patterned flooring and white accents is such a gorgeous combination. As you can see, the balance is perfect and the black does not overwhelm the space.

Black Shiplap Walls.

via Studio McGee 

If you’re not quite ready to paint your walls completely black, a great compromise is using wainscoting and painting the bottom half white.

Black And White Bathroom

via Dulux 

Sherwin-Williams Tricorn Black is one of the most popular black paint colors right now because it is a neutral black with no strong undertones that consistently works well in a variety of lighting situations.

Wall Color Is Tricorn Black Sherwin Williams.

Tricorn Black via Terracotta Design Build

Sherwin-Williams Caviar has a little brown in the base of the black, which is why it’s also a very popular black right now.

Wall Color Is Sherwin Williams Caviar.

via Just Jill Interiors 

Black Paint Colors for Cabinetry

Black cabinetry is also making a huge comeback. Whether on kitchen cabinets, media centers or interior trims, we have been seeing a surge of black being used in these areas by designers and home builders in the last six months.

A popular cabinetry black right now is Benjamin Moore Cheating Heart that has a stunning and rich gray undertone in the base.

Cabinet Color Is Benjamin Moore Cheating Heart

via Christopher Scott Cabinetry

Benjamin Moore Black is one of the most popular paint colors because it’s a true black with no strong undertones.

Benjamin Moore Black

via Urrutia Design

Black Paint Colors for Interior/Exterior Doors

One of strongest trends in paint that we have seen in the last few years that is still going strong into 2017 are black interior/exterior doors. I love this trend because it makes such a big and dramatic impact.

Door Color is Wrought Iron Benjamin Moore. Remodelaholic

Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron via Timeless Paper

Farrow and Ball Pitch Black is a beautiful interior door color.

Door Color Is Farrow And Ball Pitch

Farrow & Ball Pitch Black via Smitten Studio

Benjamin Moore Black Beauty has long been a popular interior and exterior door color because it’s so rich and classic.

Door Color Is Benjamin Moore Black Beauty

Benjamin Moore Black Beauty via Massucco Warner Miller

When it comes to choosing just the right blacks either for walls, cabinetry or interior/exterior doors, look at the undertones in your space. For example, if you have warm oak floors, choose a black that has a little brown/gray in the base like Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron. If you have a lot of shades of blue in your space, choose a black with a blue or gray undertone like Sherwin-Williams Inkwell.

Are you inspired to paint something in your black? I know I am!

Most Popular Black Paint Colors For Walls, Doors, And Cabinets @Remodelaholic

If you’re interested in checking out more amazing and versatile paint colors, you can find my favorite’s on my blog here.  Also, if you want to see some of the most popular door colors, you can find the best sellers also on my blog here.

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Most Popular Black Paint Colors Most Popular Black Paint Colors Most Popular Black Paint Colors

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  1. Love it all ! Inspiring for my new home! In the midst of getting our home ready to sell I did a face lift on our in suite bathroom . Black vanity and long textured white subway tiles and black grout ! It all look good but not sure on wall color because we have honey oak doors throughout and not changing ! An off white on walls and trim a safe color to sell?