Easy Wall Art Printables; Decor on a Dime!

If you want to update your space just in time for summer, you are going to love this collection of great summer wall art . It includes some affordable options for printable wall art that I know you are going to love. Print these off today and add them to a frame for an instant upgrade to any room.

 To  Plant a Garden Printable Wall Art

1 Floral Wall Art Printable Audrey Hepburn Quote To Plant A Garden Is To Believe In Tomorrow AD Aesthetic For Remodelaholic 041918
Photo Credit: Ad Aesthetic for Remodelaholic.

This to plant a garden wall art printable bundle makes a really pretty and economical way to add color and style to your home. These will look great in any room of the house. Get the To Plant A Garden Printable Wall Art here.

Printable Flower Wall Art

2 White Flower With Green Leaves Watercolor Floral Wall Art Printable AD Aesthetic For Remodelaholic 042053
Photo Credit: AD Aesthetic for Remodelaholic.

If you love floral prints, then this is going to be one you must print. It makes such a gorgeous statement piece that will dress up your walls for under $5. Get this floral wall art here.

Kitchen Watercolor Herb Art Prints

3 Print At Home 12x12 Watercolor Kitchen Herb Art Printable Set Remodelaholic 041940
Photo Credit: Remodelaholic.

Any home chef will appreciate these watercolor prints. They include several options that are going to look great in your kitchen or dining room. You can count on these printable prints to add a lot of flavor to the room! Get your own set of Kitchen Herbs Watercolor Art Prints here.

Affirmations Wall Art Printables

4 You Are Very Loved Frame 041955
Photo Credit: Remodelaholic.

This set of printables features vibrant colors and powerful messages for kids. These will add so much to your space, including plenty of good vibes! Grab the set of Affirmations Wall Art Printables here.

Watercolor Popsicles Printable Art

6 Summer Printable Watercolor Popsicle Wall Art Set For Mantel Or Gallery Wall Sarah Langtry For Remodelaholic 041948
Photo Credit: Just the Bee’s Knees for Remodelaholic.

These cute watercolor popsicle prints will give your space the perfect summer touch. Add these to any room for a sweet touch that remains cool year after year. Find this set of Watercolor popsicles printable art here.

 Lemonade and Lazy Days Printable

7 Lemonade1 042044
Photo Credit: Ad Aesthetic for Remodelaholic.

This printable wall art embraces a special summer vibe and will look great in your home. Print this off to add seasonal appeal to your space without breaking your shopping budget on a great art print. Find the Lemonade and Lazy Days Printable here.

Chill Out Popsicle Wall Art

8 Free Printable Graphic Chill Out AD Aesthetic For Remodelaholic Horizontal 042009
Photo Credit: Ad Aesthetic for Remodelaholic.

This wall art printable is perfect for summer decorating. It adds a fun and iconic touch of summer with the bomb pop art and it will look great in any area of your house. Get a copy of Chill Out Popsicle Art here.

Culinary Herb Wall Art Printables

9 Printable Kitchen Herb Art Prints Mint Rosemary Thyme AD Aesthetic For Remodelaholic 041932
Photo Credit: Ad Aesthetic for Remodelaholic.

If you love to grow herbs and use them in all of your yummy dishes, you will want to print this set of culinary herbs to decorate your kitchen, dining room or even pantry. They look great with their minimal style and will instantly add class to your home. Get your set of Culinary  Herb Watercolor Wall Art Printables here.

Pineapple Word Wall Art

10 Printable Kitchen Wall Art Pineapple Word Art AD Aesthetic For Remodelaholic 042036
Photo Credit: Ad Aesthetic for Remodelaholic.

Give your space a pretty tropical print for the walls. This design is eye catching and gives any space an instant summer vibe that is irresistible. Print this for a budget friendly decorating option. Get a set of the Pineapple Word Wall Art here.

Umbrella Summer Wall Art Print

11 Free Printable Graphic Umbrella AD Aesthetic For Remodelaholic Horizontal 042027
Photo Credit: Ad Aesthetic for Remodelaholic.

If you like minimal art prints, then you will want to print this stylish option. It would look great on your gallery wall and it is a budget friendly option that will leave you with wiggle room for a great frame. Get a print of the Umbrella Art Print here.

License Plate Wall Art

12 License Plate Map For Wall Art By By Blue I Style Featured On Remodelaholic 042019
Photo Credit: Blue i style for Remodelaholic.

This project costs about $110 to make and creates a stunning dupe for wall art that retails for close to $4k. This is perfect for adding a touch of Americana to your house for the summer. View the tutorial for License Plate Wall Art here.

Colorful Brush Stroke Art

13 Abstract Brushstroke Art Printable In Red Pink Aqua Blue Yellow Remodelaholic Instant Download 600x 042101
Photo Credit: Remodelaholic.

These printable art prints are gorgeous for summer decorating. Featuring pretty, vibrant colors, these add instant style to any space. They will only cost you $4 to instantly download them and start displaying them around the house. Get your set of Colorful Brushstroke Art Prints here.

Upcycled Wall Art

15 Bedroom2520031712255B25D 041927
Photo Credit: I’m Busy Procrastinating for Remodelaholic.

Add a stylish touch to your walls by giving ceiling medallions a new life as wall art with this upcycle project. It adds a unique touch to your bedrooms or living room that no one else will have adoring their walls. Check out the tutorial for Ceiling Medallion Wall Art here.

Pottery Barn Wall Art Dupe

16 Wall Art Dupe 042003
Photo Credit:  Three Mango Seeds for Remodelaholic.

Upcycle some leftover wood to make these hanging works of art. They will look great along side of rustic wood art on the walls. You can have this project done in a weekend too for a handmade addition to your decor. View the tutorial for Pottery Barn Wall Art Dupe here.

DIY Artificial Plants for Outdoors on a Budget

DIY Faux Potted Outdoor Plants With Solar Lights Msn Sized
Photo Credit: Remodelaholic.

Don’t have time to water your potted plants, but love the look? Try this great hack with beautiful DIY artificial plants for outdoors with twinkling solar lights at night, for a deal per planter!

27+ Garden Edging Ideas

Dry Creek Garden Edging Idea Big Small Rocks Garden Edging 023028 1
Photo Credit: Serenity in the Garden.

Garden edging is a great way to make your yard look beautiful and keep flower beds contained. Try one of these garden edging ideas to update your curb appeal.

Zen Garden Path Ideas

Large log slice stepping stones set in pea gravel; Garden Path Ideas To DIY 03 Zen Garden Backyard Ideas; 14 Pathways to Heaven
Photo Credit: Remodelaholic.

Discover these Zen garden backyard ideas! These 10 unique and stunning garden designs can enhance the beauty and tranquility of your landscape. From intricate stepping stones to wood slice walkways, these ideas will inspire you to create your own peaceful oasis where relaxation and meditation can be the Zen you truly need.

How To Build a Window Box Planter in 5 Easy Steps

Window Box Diy Shutterstock
Photo Credit: Shutterstock.

Build your own DIY window box planter to add curb appeal and make your home exterior look amazing! This tutorial breaks it down into 5 easy steps to build a custom window planter box for flowers.

25 Annuals for Shade That Bloom All Summer:

Pansy (Viola) Shutterstock
Photo Credit: Shutterstock.

Here is a list of 25 Annuals for Shade that bloom all summer. What could be better than great flowers that last a long time and do well in shade?! Great for container gardening.

DIY Monogram Planter Building Plans

Diy Outdoor Monogram Planter Cover Photo 034347

Follow this step-by-step tutorial and woodworking plans to build this large outdoor DIY monogram planter in the letter of your choice, for a welcoming and personalized front porch decoration.

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