Designer Tips: What Not to Purchase for Your Home

When it comes to decorating your home, it’s not just about what you add but also about what you choose to leave out. Designing your living space is an art, and knowing what not to purchase can be just as crucial as selecting the right pieces.

We are going to dive into designer tips on what items to avoid buying for your home. By steering clear of these common decor pitfalls, you can create a more tasteful, functional, and harmonious living environment that reflects your style.

12. Plastic or Disposable Dinnerware

Plastic Dinnerware
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Now, let’s talk about plastic or disposable dinnerware. While it’s super convenient, there’s something special about opting for quality dinnerware. It not only adds a touch of sophistication to your meals but also scores some eco-friendly points. Plus, dining on real dishes just feels more elegant, doesn’t it? 

11. Artificial Plants

Artificial Plants
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Now, let’s chat about artificial plants. They can be a bit of a give-away, don’t you think? If you’re craving some greenery, why not go for the real deal with indoor plants? They not only bring a natural touch to your space but also work wonders for your indoor air quality. Plus, taking care of them can be a therapeutic and rewarding experience!

Check out these Gorgeous Low-Maintenance Houseplants!

10. Too Many Accessories

Upcycled House Decor Ideas
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It’s not about crammin’ them all in one place. It’s more like arranging a glorious jigsaw puzzle. Buy vintage pieces at auctions – they got a whole lotta character but they come already framed. Saves you both time and dough.

9. Hanging Art

Wall Arts
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Art isn’t just about what you love, but where and how you display it. Yeah, you heard me right!  If you can nab a vintage framed painting for less than the price of a new frame, go for it. Just make sure it’s at the right spot, on a wall begging for some beauty.

8. Overly Trendy Pieces

Themed Room
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Look, there’s a difference between trendy and tacky. You don’t need to follow every interior design trend that pops up. Think timeless, not temporal. Stick with faux antiques or classic pieces of furniture that got staying power.

7. Prioritizing Fabrics First

Busy Area Rugs
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Don’t go bananas over a pattern without seeing a solid 10-inch square sample first. Cause a tiny piece can’t tell you the whole story. It’s like reading “Moby Dick” one line at a time. You gotta get the whole picture, buddy.

6. Too Many Paint Color 

Paint Colors
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Choosing the right paint colors for your interior space is like picking the furniture. Both should sync perfectly to create a harmonious look. The window treatments too play a crucial part in this color dance. 

5. Excessive Character

Blue Room
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A dash of character in your interior decor subtly accentuates the overall design. However, push it too far, and it takes center stage, stealing attention from the main design elements.

4. Recessed LEDs

Dim Lights Room
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Overusing recessed LEDs is an invitation to a design catastrophe. They may not add any texture to a room, becoming more of a distraction rather than a complement to the interior design.

3. The Wrong Rugs

Antique Rug
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Choosing rugs is like shopping for furniture. You have to strike a balance between aesthetics and your budget. There are plenty of affordable options out there that can revamp your dining room without hurting your wallet.

2. Home Decor Items

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Interior designers don’t always recommend splurging on all decor pieces. A bit of thriftiness can go a long way in home decorating. Whether it’s looking for antique or vintage items, exploring furniture stores, or reworking a floor plan, saving money is as much a part of the design industry as Pottery Barn.

1. Coffee Table Books

Coffee Table Book
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Ain’t no doubt that coffee table books can seriously spruce up a joint. They add some scholarly vibe and color, but, it ain’t always a smart move to stack up your home with them. Best to hit up the flea market for a few well-loved ones that match your color palette and don’t clash with your metallic accents.

The design process is a dance, folks – one step forward with mood boards, two steps back to revisit ideas. As the creative director of your own space, think of this as a roadmap to make your pad truly your own. Here’s to navigating this exciting, complex world of interior design!

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