Inspiration File: Minimalistic Country Home in South Hampton

No matter where you are on the builder grade to beautiful spectrum, one thing is very important: inspiration! Inspiring images help you find the style(s) you love and a beautiful inspiration room is a great place to start designing a room love you. So today, we have some beautiful inspiration, courtesy of Cezign designer Cecilia Dupire and her beautiful country home in South Hampton. The style is minimalistic yet still warm — and absolutely lovely!

Inspiration File @Remodelaholic

South Hampton Minimalist Country Home

photo credit: Costas Picadas

When Cecilia bought the property four years ago, it was a modest run-down building from the 1960’s with a more recently build extension. Cecilia’s primary goal was to fuse the two parts of the home seamlessly and maximize the interaction between the interior and exterior, both by creating a view and by adding exterior doors. Inspiration File @Remodelaholic
Inspiration File @Remodelaholic
Inspiration File @Remodelaholic

Each room has a view of the garden, which wraps around the whole house. Cecilia believes in keeping a house’s past alive while renovating, so the kitchen and gazebo were kept intact, giving the house some warmth and age. Inspiration File @Remodelaholic
Inspiration File @Remodelaholic Inspiration File @Remodelaholic


To open up the space and create volume, all possible walls were torn out and ceilings raised.

Inspiration File @RemodelaholicInspiration File @Remodelaholic

Preserving the original charming elements of the home, such as the gazebo and weathered deck, and giving them a Caribbean touch makes the home stand out from the traditional Hampton mansions with manicured lawns. Inspiration File @Remodelaholic Inspiration File @Remodelaholic Inspiration File @Remodelaholic

A custom white oak plank floor features extra-long and extra-wide planks, adding a peaceful warm feeling while defining the space and enhancing perspective. Inspiration File @RemodelaholicInspiration File @Remodelaholic

Says Dupire, “For me, the beauty of a country home is the nature that surrounds it. I want the house to feel the changes of the seasons. In the summer, the house is quite cocooned by trees…, whereas in the winter it floods with light.”

Inspiration File @Remodelaholic Inspiration File : Cecelia Dupire @Remodelaholic


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