Inspired Through Instagram: Sensational Shelving Ideas

Do you ever feel like there are spaces of your home that constantly need attention and organizing? Shelving is a great option to improving those unruly areas. Shelving doesn’t have to be bland or lacking in design features. Today, we wanted to share some fun and sensational shelving ideas with you. Shelving: Where would we be without it?

Ivory Homes Laundry Shelving 

We’re well into spring everyone! Do you have spring cleaning on the brain? We always get the itch to organize and revamp areas of our home in the spring. Shelving plays such a big role in our lives. Open shelving has become a hot trend, giving home owners a way to add storage, design, and decor. In this post, we want to share some fun and innovative ways to add shelving areas in your home. We’ve been working on adding some shelving to a bathroom in our home and due to limited space, we decided to recess it into the wall and it is looking fabulous! Check out this Shelving Plan Post. Soon, we’ll be showing you the finished product!

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Shelving around a window

In this particular home, the designer used an area around a window in a staircase to add some shelves for decorative purposes. This would also be a fun way to display books and other collectibles. Wall-mounted sconces serve the purpose of not only illuminating the stairs, but also spotlighting the shelves. Window seats are also a great option for adding storage and utility. Check out this post: 20 Inspiring Window Seats.


Open Shelving. Concept Builders (54)

Butler’s Pantry with Open Shelving

We are loving this idea! Just in case the kitchen is not big enough, add a butler’s pantry for more storage. Yeah, right. While, for most of us, this is not even an option, we think these open shelves might also be a neat idea for a kitchen. Image your nicer dishware on display and easily accessible. Add some metal and glass containers and you’ve got a beautiful set-up.



Bookshelves For Kids Room Ivory Homes (22)

Shelving for Kids’ Rooms

Lest we forget about the kiddos, shelving in kids’ rooms is so helpful! We loved the design of these book holders we saw in a recent parade home. We’ve also shared this easy DIY pocket shelf and these easy DIY sliding picture ledge shelves. Want something with a little more character? Check out this DIY House Frame Bookshelf plan.



Never Skip Brunch

Floating Shelves

Another hot trend is floating shelves and we cannot say enough how much we love these floating shelves by @neverskipbrunch. Her tutorial is amazing. The rustic color of these wood shelves is neutral and perfect for farmhouse and beyond. You might also wish to check out this DIY Build a Floating Shelf Post.

Suspended Shelving

@lollyjaneblog wowed us with these over-toilet shelves. The perfect mix of industrial and farmhouse, these shelves are super stylish and oh-so-functional. We love the added space for supplies and of course, a place to decorate! Like the look of shelves that are suspended? Check out this Easy DIY Floating Rope Nautical Shelf.



Open Shelving Laundry Room Ivory Homes (15)

Shelves Built in an Inset

Sometimes there are unusual areas of your home that could be put to great use! In this inset, cabinetry and floating shelves are installed for added storage and appeal. Wire bins can be used to organize loose items and glass jars can store food, detergent, or whatever else you need neatly contained.

Floor-to-Ceiling Shelves Flanking a Window

We are in LOVE with these built-ins by @treasure_in_the_detail!! Built around a window and paired with a bench, these white shelves are so bright and airy! This would be a great place to display books or other items with personal meaning. Whether in an office, living room, or maybe even a bedroom, this look is timeless. Be sure to check out our Built-in Corner Bookshelves Post to see where we built something similar in a corner. If built-ins are not an option for you and you would love more decorative storage, check out this post where we hack an affordable Ikea shelf unit and turn it into Beautiful Industrial and Wooden Shelves.

Storage Shelves for Odd Areas

Ok, this seems to be sort of a theme. When faced with spaces that can’t really be changed structurally, you can paint and add built-in shelving to give you more storage. These shelves, built under slanted ceiling and paired with a farmhouse table, create a work area for crafts and other hobbies. Wouldn’t you love something like this in your home?

Convert and Upcycle an Old Piece of Furniture

Maybe you have Aunt So-and-So’s old hutch or cabinet? Maybe you moved into a home with pieces that could be re-thought.? That’s where this idea was born. We up-cycled an old hutch, turning it into a cheery statement piece for our kitchen. See how we transformed this not-so-pretty old hutch without sanding or primer in this Dining Hutch Makeover post. Neutral, white dishes are the perfect touch for this bold color!


Closet Shelving And And Cabinets Jerry Stubbs Construction, Tique & Company Design (59)

Lastly, let’s not underestimate using a master closet for storage. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have all the built-ins we see in this closet? There is a space for everything and more. Having a closet custom built provides a much-needed gathering place for all sorts of things. Is budget a huge limit for you? Yeah, we know all about that too. Check out this DIY Custom Closet Organizing post from our contributor Sabrina from Pink Little Notebook. You’ll gush over her finished product just like we did. Also, see how we hacked Ikea Pax products to build a DIY Custom Closet System for our girls.

Whether you have time or maybe a little more money to pay someone to build shelves, you will find it will be a wise investment for you and your family. Having a place for everything in your home will greatly reduce clutter and increase efficiency! We’d all less mess and more free time! Having additional storage spaces that can also be styled, well, that’s just about perfect.

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  1. I love the shelving around the window on the stairwell! Such a beautiful little space now! I will say though that open shelving isn’t my friend…I do better with drawers that have organizers/containers so I can throw things in the right pile and hide it away. Open shelving just becomes a big mess for me!