How to Turn a Table into a Rolling Island

Hi!  Jackie here from Teal & Lime bringing you one awesome furniture transformation!

I believe your home and everything in it needs to serve a function, and serve it well.  If something isn’t working, it is important to change it up and make it work for you!

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Lately, I felt our laundry room was not working for us.  And, I felt horrible for thinking so.  We are blessed with a HUGE laundry room…I think it is a little over 10 ft. x 10 ft.  So, to complain about it not working for us is definitely a first world problem.  But, even big rooms with lots of space can have their problems and challenges.


When we moved into the house, I saw the awesome potential of this room to fit a full size table.  It would be the perfect spot to fold laundry.  Ah, dreamy!

We parked my bachelorette dining table in the space.  And, it never once got used for folding laundry.  Not once in 4 years!

Something definitely was not working.  I set out on a mission to fix it.

First, I considered what was wrong.  With a huge room and space for a full-size folding table, what could possible be wrong?  Well, these things for starters:

  • The table was too low to stand at and fold laundry.
  • The table was parked up against the wall…as far from the dryer as possible (read: inconvenient).
  • As a result of never being used as a folding table, it became a dumping ground. Isn’t that what happens to every large surface area in our homes that lack a defined purpose and a reason to stay clean? They just become stuff collectors.
  • The space under the table (you know where you normally tuck in dining chairs) was just a big void, because it wasn’t being used as a dining table.

I was desperately ready for a change for my sake and the laundry room’s.  I dreamed of something more like this:

How to turn a table into a rolling island | Teal & Lime for

Then, I considered what would make it better.  A better laundry room work table would…

  • Be a counter-height surface, so I could stand at it to fold.
  • Be mobile, so it can move to where it is needed and never has to be parked up against the wall again (unless of course we want to).
  • Be a clean work surface.
  • Have usable storage space underneath.

And, with that short list of requirements I decided to transform my sad country table into a rolling laundry table.  My new rolling island is the workhorse of our laundry room.  A clear, accessible surface for folding laundry.  Storage for baskets and step stools below.  And, it looks gorgeous!

How to turn a table into a rolling island | Teal & Lime for

How to Convert a Table into a Rolling Island

Supplies and Tools:

  • Table with chunky wood legs
  • 3/4″ MDF cut to size of tabletop
  • 4 Casters (I used 4″ locking casters) and mounting screws
  • 2 1/2″ wood screws
  • Jigsaw
  • Drill/Driver
  • Ruler and round cup
  • Primer and Paint

Step by Step:

1.  Flip your table over.

2.  Lay the MDF sheet on top of the table legs.  Line the MDF sheet up with the table top.  I used a 4 ft. level to make sure mine was in line.


3.  Secure the MDF shelf to the table legs.  Measure and mark the center of each table leg on the MDF.  Pre-drill and screw one 2 1/2″ wood screw into each table leg.

4.  Measure and mark a line all the way around the MDF 2 inches in from the edge.  Measure in 5″ from each corner and draw a curved line from the edge of the table to the 2″ marked line.  I used a coffee cup to trace the curve.  This will create the cut out “chin-saver” on the shelf.  Use a jigsaw to cut out the indents on the shelf.



How to turn a table into a rolling island | Teal & Lime for

5.  Attach casters to all four corners.  I had 1″ mounting screws, so I had to use a couple washers under each screw head to make sure the screws wouldn’t come out the other side of my MDF.


How to turn a table into a rolling island | Teal & Lime for

6.  Get help for this step.  This is a two-person job.  Flip your table, now island, over.

7.  Prime and paint the table base and shelf to match.

Now, enjoy!  

I love the mobility and flexibility of our new island.  I can easily roll it over to the washer and dryer for laundry folding time.  And, when we need it out of the way for ironing or an impromptu laundry room dance party, we can move it to the side.

How to turn a table into a rolling island | Teal & Lime for

I sort of totally want to hang out in my laundry room all day now!

The laundry room is one of the hardest working rooms in the house.  I am continually trying to improve our laundry room space to make it functional and beautiful…pretty spaces always make chores a little more enjoyable.  One of my favorite spots in this room is the super organized cleaning command center.  Above the command center is one of my favorite DIYs ever…my stair tread shelves, which are so awesome I made them again for my studio.  And, last but certainly not least, I took a little time to make the mundane pretty.


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  1. Wow! I love it.

    I’ve been wondering what to do with my old kitchen table *about the same size* when I replace it. Now I know, I’m wanting to use it in my sewing room. This is a fab idea.

    Thanks! JaG

  2. I love this idea. I don’t have a huge laundry room like yours, but the movable table is a very creative idea that could transform any workspace. My wheels are turning with ideas for the garage or basement work area. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. I absolutely LOVE it, Jackie! Now I just need a big laundry room so I can make one for myself. Ha! Actually, I just need to finish the makeover I started a year ago in the laundry room I have. Fingers crossed it’s done by summer! 🙂

  4. What a great idea!! I love that you put your table on wheels. The edging that you did on the table is so pretty!!

  5. Ok, I have a table that I haven’t wanted to get rid of and never would have thought of repurposing like you did! Adding the shelf and the wheels on the bottom is genius! Thank you so much for this inspiration!!

  6. I love it! This would be awesome for a crafting table as well– counter height so I could craft standing and on wheels– sounds like a dream!

    I also love the baskets and was wondering where you purchased those?

  7. This is what I was thinking but for our kitchen, we are buying an older home with a lovely big kitchen but a small cutout area for the table and chairs. As an avid baker I am in the kitchen a lot so will be needing an island as well for me to use for my mixing and whatnots. This would be great as we can roll it over to the table area for meals and then back to the main area for the island use. Such a great idea. As my husband is a tall man and my kids are older teens we could easily use bar stools to sit on for meals. Thanks for ingenius idea… Also my daughter, son and I may want to roll it out of the way when we do our impromptu dance routines as well.