Inspired Through Instagram: Outdoor Spaces that Wow

Since this week was Earth Day,  we were thinking it might be fun to start Earth Day traditions involving improving our own outdoor spaces. Adding some plants and a few more ways to relax and enjoy the outdoors (via tables, benches, and seating) can vastly improve mood! So, for this post we really wanted to share some ideas for creating outdoor spaces that wow and that you’ll truly enjoy.

Outdoor Spaces That Wow

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With warmer weather moving in, we find ourselves drawn to spend more time outside! Anyone else? Seriously, there’s something therapeutic about a little sun and a little green. Even if you live in the desert, creating outdoor living spaces with plants and fabulous furniture is totally achievable! Whether you just want to make small changes or are ready to go all out in the yard, here are some ideas to get you started to give you an outdoor spaces that wow..

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Thumb Not-so-Green?

We love what Kathy @thedailynest did here to create the perfect front porch! The unbelievable farmhouse porch swing is flanked by a what? That’s right. A fiddle fig and it looks beautiful! Maybe time is an issue for you or it’s a struggle to keep plants alive. So much of gardening comes from experience, but don’t be afraid to reach out for help like Kathy did! And if you decided to go faux fiddle fig here, it would still look fantastic!


Maybe Consider Some Faux Plants

What’s that now? Faux plants on the patio and porch? In this Outdoor Dining Space post, we mixed the look up with some real ferns and small fake plants. Ikea is an affordable way to stock up on the faux plants and they have great buys on pots! We love the look we were able to create with black, white, and turquoise! Our Spring Styling-Brightening Up an Outdoor Space post is also a great resource for ideas.

Outdoor Dining Room With IKEA Furniture @Remodelaholic 11 1
Ikea Patio Decor


Patio Needs Some Love?

Yeah, this is a common one. Just like everything else in a home, patios age and start to show wear and tear.We cannot get over what Jenna @jennasuedesign did to update and beautify and old patio. Yes, that is hand-stenciled and it is gorgeous! Maybe health or time might keep you from undertaking this awesome project. We painted our patio cement to update it almost a year ago and the process was pretty simple. You can see how we did this in our How to Paint a Concrete Patio post. It’s held up really well and we love that the stains and small cracks are gone! Add a couple of colorful patio stools for come contrast.

Jennasue Design


Love all things floral?

Decking out the front porch and walkway with flowers is an affordable way to add color and charm. This front porch, brought to you by Ellery Designs, is so classy!! We love the red and white paired with the red brick and black shutters on this home! Since flowers come in so  many types and colors, this is a great way to showcase a favorite color combination. If you are not sure what flowers (sun, shade, part-sun) will do best with the direction your home faces, your local nursery can be a huge resource.  Doll up the front porch with affordable living plant and planters (you can find great ones at yard sales and thrift stores)! You may wish to think outside the box and use some common household materials for your planters. We show you how in this 10 Creative Container Gardens post.  This bicycle planter would be a darling yard decoration.


Not Sure How to Create and Plant a Container?

Containers are a quick way to add interest and tie together themes and colors. We can help you there too! Learning to tend to patio containers might seem intimidating, but it’s really not. Check out this post or Creating Beautiful Outdoor Pots and Planters. or this post about How to Create the Perfect Container Garden. Proper prepping will bring a huge summer payout and you will love the added color! You can even use wall space to create a wall garden! Our contributor turned a cinder block wall into a Garden Wall Planter that’s a not only a showcase piece, but a great way to cover and update old cinderblock walls.

Creating Beautiful Planters For Garden
Creating Beautiful Pots and Planters


Don’t forget to Spice-up the Dining Area!

In one of our Get This Look posts, we shared this amazing Global-Inspired Outdoor Dining Area! An outdoor dining area is a place where you could really add some class and interest. This designer used metal lanterns and bold chairs to bring a Moroccan flair to this space. Wherever your design interests seem to rest, you can carry them outside to create a stylish and comfortable retreat.

Global Inspired Outdoor Dining Space
Global-Inspired Outdoor Dining


Consider Building Some Furniture

Let’s face it, sometimes a set of new outdoor furniture is just not in the budget. So, that’s why we decided to build some of our own pieces. We’ve built end tables, coffee tables, benches, and even a sectional sofa. This plywood sectional sofa post was an affordable way to add much needed seating to our deck. We custom built the frame to fit cushions we purchased. Besides this sofa, we’ve built outdoor coffee tables. This Hexagon Table was a huge hit with our readers as was this Rustic Pallet Coffee Table with Drink Cooler. Be sure to check out this 6 Outdoor DIY Furniture Ideas post.

DIY Outdoor Plywood Sectional Sofa


Just want something simple?

Maybe a small bench would be just the thing for your patio or yard. We’ve built a few. This Concrete and Wood Bench post and this 2 Board Farmhouse Bench post are two of our favorites. You can add some large DIY pallet planters for an affordable option. And, we love these DIY 1 Board Hexagon Planters.

Farmhouse Garden Bench
2 Board Farmhouse Outdoor Bench


Summing Up:

Whether you are ready to take on a large or small yard beautification project, we hope you’ve found some inspiration here. Take Earth Day to the next level with us and add some plants and places to relax. Being outside, catching a few rays, and feeling a sense of accomplishment might be just the thing you need. Be sure to check out the following similar products in the list below!

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