Industrial Laundry Room: Mini Makeover

Today we are showing you how to give your laundry room a mini makeover! A beautiful Industrial laundry room packed with style.

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Industrial Laundry Room, Mini Makeover -- how to make any laundry room have an industrial vibe, without ripping everything out! by Postbox Designs for

Hello! This is Kristin from Postbox Designs here today to share some ideas for a budget-friendly laundry room mini-makeover. If I am a new name to you today… that is because I am! I have been a huge fan of Remodelaholic for a long time, and was over the moon to be asked to contribute today for the first time. I’m an interior designer, wife, mom to three kiddos, and I love helping my clients create a beautiful space on a budget. It is the best gig ever.

I think the laundry room is probably the most over-looked room, yet it is one of the hardest working rooms in your home. (Anyone else a fan of clean socks?) I know I spend oodles of my time in there. So I would rather spend that time in a beautiful AND functional space. But, let’s be honest, we aren’t taking our guests into our laundry room, so I would rather not spend a fortune on it. So check out this budget-friendly, industrial-inspired laundry room make-over. After this, I think maybe I would take my guests in here for a tour after all! Before we break down this laundry room, here is some more clean-fun inspiration for you. Each laundry room has a hint of the industrial style to it:

neutral industrial laundry room, Jenna Sue Designs

Jenna Sue Design

industrial rustic cottage laundry room, Vintage Whites

Vintage Whites

vintage industrial style laundry room, via Style Me Pretty

Style Me Pretty

industrial style laundry room with shiplap wall and wood accents -- love the storage under the washing machine! The Wood Grain Cottage on Eclectically Vintage

Eclectically Vintage

rough rustic industrial laundry room with wood cabinets and corrugated metal backsplash via Slim Paley

Slim Paley

industrial laundry room stain treatment guide -- this is the perfect wall art for a laundry room! Manhattan Nest

Manhattan Nest

How to Decorate an Industrial Laundry Room

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Now for today’s budget industrial laundry room mini-makeover! Love an item? Simply click on the product number below for more information and pricing. So let’s break it down why this room works:


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1 — Practical & Pretty
I love how this wire laundry basket is on wheels to make it practical. It is so pretty, it deserves a place to stay out.

2 — Art (for FREE!)
Who says you can’t have art in your laundry room? This graphic beauty not only looks modern, but is actually useful too. The best part is, it absolutely free! Just download and print at A Typical English Home. That leaves more money in the budget for things like…

3 — Shelving!
I really like this open shelf for a couple of reasons. I’m a girl and I like pretty things-this totally works with the industrial vibe we have going on in this room. But most importantly, this shelf would be a workhorse for you: I’m thinking putting all of your detergents, sprays, and cleaners on here. (Rather build it yourself? This tutorial will get you started, or use this trick to get the industrial look for much less, too!)

4 — Lighting
A great light makes your space really shine. Literally. And this eye candy is easy on the budget at only $79!

5 — Paint
This pale gray paint would be a lovely backdrop for the walls. It is called “Stonington Gray”, made by Behr and can be found at Home Depot. Plus it will help brighten up a windowless room, as many laundry rooms are.

6. Countertop & Backsplash
This IS Remodelaholic so I would be remiss if I didn’t include a DIY project for your space. If your washer and dryer happen to be side-by-side, this is the project for you. Make use of this space over your appliances, by installing a simple countertop that stretches over them. You could use an inexpensive butcher block, a pre-made laminate countertop, or paint a piece of MDF (use a high-gloss paint so you can wipe down spills easily). Did you know that most big box stores like Home Depot will cut down your wood to size for free? Then install this great peel-and-stick subway tile right over your new backsplash area. It is heat and moisture resistant, and easy to remove. It will instantly glam up your room, for just a few dollars. No special skills or equipment needed-talk about instant gratification! (Note: the average height of a backsplash is 18” high, but you could take this all the way to the ceiling for a dramatic look).

7. Flooring/Rug
If new flooring isn’t in the budget, no worries! Just add this soft herringbone rug: it will help disguise any ugly floor, and your feet will thank-you for it when you are doing a quick midnight load. (I have three kids, it has happened before, and will happen again!)

8. A Hard-Working Island
I think this island is my favorite piece from the whole Mood Board. The island is not only a bargain, but is the very definition of hard-working. It comes with three wire baskets that you can use for your cleaning products, or organization. I think I would keep those infamous single socks waiting for their match in one basket! It has plenty of room on top for folding clothes, or to hold laundry baskets. You could also use the metal handles for drying delicate items. But best of all, it is on wheels, so it can be moved around where you need it the most. I think I’m in love!

9. Industrial Hardware
If you are one of the lucky ones that already have some cabinets in your laundry room, these cabinet pulls could give any style a more industrial look. Another idea? Hang a few on the wall, then loop a hanger onto each. This gives you space to air dry your delicates. At just over $5/each use a few!


I hope this inspired some of you to show some extra lovin’ to your laundry rooms today! A big thanks to the whole gang at Remodelaholic for letting me hang with you all today.  I’ll be back soon with more budget friendly room make-overs, but until then you can follow me on Pinterest or Facebook where I’m in the middle of my 30 Day Design Challenge: every day I inspire you with a different design idea or mini project for the entire month of March!

‘Til next time,



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  1. I am currently redecorating my laundry/mudroom, and I love all of your ideas because they are truly affordable and just my style! Thanks for your ideas!

  2. great ideas! my favorite is the island too. but when i clicked on the link, it opened to the home page of the decorators collection. when i entered “island” in the search box, 197 items came up—most of which were not even islands. can you please post a direct link to this item? thank you, and best wishes!