The Easiest DIY Hanging Planter in the World

I’m baaaaaack! Allison from Shark Tails here…and guys, I am thrilled to be back at Remodelaholic sharing a super easy (and inexpensive) take on a hanging planter.

This cheap and easy hanging planter will take you less than an hour, so you can give your plans a lofty new home in no time at all! Full DIY tutorial and supply list.

Last time I was visiting, I showed you how to make a simple, mid-century inspired triangle bench, and what better to pair it with than a modern hanging planter? You can check out the tutorial for the bench here and the full video tutorial below from the DIY Benches playlist on the Remodelaholic YouTube channel


Full disclosure: I. Love. Plants. I honestly have a bit of a problem, but when you really get down to it, collecting plants is a smidge better than collecting stacks of newspaper or old hairbrushes, right? There are all kinds of benefits to keeping plants in your home, and I will be the first to admit that if I’m ever in a “what should I put there?” design conundrum, I will almost always stick a plant in a pretty basket and call it a day.

This cheap and easy hanging planter will take you less than an hour, so you can give your plans a lofty new home in no time at all! Full DIY tutorial and supply list.

How to Build The Easiest Hanging Planter

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For this hanging planter, here’s really all you need:

  1. Wood round (mine was approximately 13″ in diameter)
  2. Rope (at least 1/4″) in your desired length, times 4 
  3. Drill and bit
  4. Sharp scissors
  5. Anchor and hook for hanging
  6. Beautiful plant (try a golden pothos or Brasil plant)

You can find wood rounds at any craft or home supply store, but I had a ton of scrap plywood laying around in my garage, so I decided to put it to use and cut out my round using my jig saw. (Check out this post for more techniques for cutting circles and tips for using plywood.)

HangingPlanter SharkTails.1

The first thing you’re going to do with your round is to mark four points on it, about an inch in from the edge, and drill four holes using your appropriately sized bit.

HangingPlanter SharkTails.2

The size of the bit you use will depend on the size of your rope. My rope was 1/4″, so that’s the size I used. After my holes were drilled, I lightly sanded both sides, edges, and around the holes of the plywood with 120 grit sandpaper, so everything was nice and smooth. 

At this point, if you’d like, you can stain or paint your round. I opted to leave mine natural.

For the rope, I used white nylon clothesline, which is really cheap and super strong. I got 100ft of it for under $10, which is way more than I needed but now I can make many more of these hanging planters. And that means I’ll have to buy more plants. (Win/win.)

HangingPlanter SharkTails.3

Decide how low you want your planter to hang, and add half a foot. Remember, you can always cut off the excess later if your rope is too long. I cut two lengths of rope at 8ft long each. 

HangingPlanter SharkTails.4

See how the edges are the rope are frayed? Go ahead and play with fire by using a lighter to melt the edges back into submission (but please be careful) only if you choose to use plastic rope like I did.

HangingPlanter SharkTails.5

Now you’re ready to feed the rope through the holes. You might need to use a screwdriver or other blunt object to help it along. Each end of one strand of rope should be fed into the hole across from the other, going down into the side of the board you want facing upwards.

HangingPlanter SharkTails.6

HangingPlanter SharkTails.7

Once you have all four ends of rope fed through the holes, make a loop with the four folds of rope at the top and tie it in a tight knot as shown.

HangingPlanter SharkTails.8

At this point I decided to actually hang it so I could adjust for length before tying it off at the bottom. If you’re hanging your plant from the ceiling, make sure you are either screwing your hook directly into a stud, or use a drywall anchor that can support at least 30lbs, to be safe.

Once I had the planter sitting at a height I liked, I adjusted the wood round so that it was level and each rope was taut, holding the bottom in my fist.

HangingPlanter SharkTails.9

When you have the placement you like, take a 10 inch piece of rope and tie several tight knots around the four strands. If you find it easier, just carefully take the planter down and tie it while it’s laying on the floor, table, or whatever.

HangingPlanter SharkTails.10

You can either trim the rope to your desired length and leave it loose, or braid it like I did. It would be pretty to add some wooden beads or feathers as well!

HangingPlanter SharkTails.11

See? I told you guys this was easy! I LOVE the finished result and I will certainly be making a few more to place around the house. 

HangingPlanter SharkTails.12

HangingPlanter SharkTails.13

You know, when I had originally planned this project I wanted to do three separate tiers. Well, try as I might, it just wasn’t working and once I accepted that and switched gears, I realized I actually love the result. Sometimes simplistic is the way to go!

HangingPlanter SharkTails.14

I love how the planter looks hanging next to the new bed! I built this (super simple!) bad boy out of 2x lumber in just an afternoon; you can get the free plans here.

HangingPlanter SharkTails.15

HangingPlanter SharkTails.16


HangingPlanter SharkTails.19

Pssssst…that faux mudcloth triangle pillow is a DIY too — click here for the tutorial!


HangingPlanter SharkTails.22

I hope all my fellow plant-addicts have enjoyed this tutorial and will put it to good use in their own homes. Make sure to let us know if you make one yourself. Until next time, pals!


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