12 Items for a Perfect Fixer Upper Style Farmhouse Bedroom

Hi Guys, this is Kristin from Postbox Designs E-Design and I’m back with my monthly exclusive Mood Board just for you Remodelaholic readers! As an interior designer I think one of the most overlooked rooms is the Master Bedroom. For so many of us (myself included) we spend our time and money in our shared living areas like our Family Room. Then our bedroom is the last place to get décor love.

But decorating should be F-U-N, and I don’t want you to get overwhelmed. So today our Mood Board has just 12 Items that can get you to a picture worthy Farmhouse Bedroom. At least half of my clients request some sort of Farmhouse style in their rooms, but today I also wanted to show you how to get a more sophisticated, traditional twist on this popular style.

12 Items for a Perfect Fixer Upper Style Farmhouse Bedroom | Decorating tips and affordable farmhouse decor picks

How To Get a Sophisticated Take on Farmhouse Style

The Farmhouse style can take a lot of different directions-rustic and beat-up, country-style, or you can go a little more polished. For this Farmhouse Bedroom I wanted to take a more traditional, sleeker look. So how do you keep that Farmhouse essence without taking it to the point of cows, windmills, and word art? Incorporate some of these items for a more sophisticated take on the Farmhouse Style in your Bedroom:

Painted Furniture Sans Chipping Paint (try white, gray, or navy)

Polished, Shiny Surfaces (try nickel, gold, chrome)

Weathered Gray or White Washed Woods

Upholstered Headboard with Tufting or Nailheads

Crisp White Bedding

Black and White Photography

Neutral or Softened Colors

A key element of the Farmhouse style is having rustic, distressed objects throughout the space. Instead of a roomful of those, try adding just one item that adds that flair, for a more grown-up look.  (I added mine in a great rustic mirror in my Mood Board above).

And if you could choose just one element that sums up the Fixer Upper Farmhouse Look? Joanna is a one woman wonder who put shiplap on the map. I love shiplap as much as the next girl, but if you want a wall treatment that fits farmhouse but is a little different, try the vertical version. I’ve been toting the joys of board and batten for awhile now, I even put it in my own home! Here’s a great tutorial for adding vertical battens into your room.

But one of my favorite parts of the Farmhouse Style is a gorgeously muted color palette. Whites, creams, grays, blues, and the infamous greiges give you a place to add in small pops of color, texture, or pattern while keeping a calm background. Recently I shared this round-up of my fav wall colors with my readers, any of these would work great in a Farmhouse style Bedroom:

Best Farmhouse Wall Paint Colors | shiplap | Fixer Upper style | paint palette

But a picture is worth a thousand words so I wanted to share some of my favorite drool-worthy elegant Farmhouse style bedrooms. Each bedroom has the classic elements of a Farmhouse style but each designer added some glam, sophisticated elements to take it to the next level. You can find all of these and hundreds more bedroom inspirations right HERE to get your creative juices flowing!

12 Items for a Perfect Fixer Upper Style Farmhouse Bedroom | Decorating tips and affordable farmhouse decor picks

My Domaine

12 Items for a Perfect Fixer Upper Style Farmhouse Bedroom | Decorating tips and affordable farmhouse decor picks

Decor Pad


12 Items for a Perfect Fixer Upper Style Farmhouse Bedroom | Decorating tips and affordable farmhouse decor picks

Architectural Digest


What Are the Must-Haves in a Farmhouse Bedroom?

I did say you could create a new Farmhouse Style Bedroom with just 12 Items (find the links to all twelve items under the Mood Board below). So what do you REALLY need?

12 Items for a Perfect Fixer Upper Style Farmhouse Bedroom | Decorating tips and affordable farmhouse decor picks

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Bed: Well let’s start with the obvious: you need a bed. In this Farmhouse Bedroom Mood Board I show a tall upholstered headboard, but you can go with a weathered wood, an iron bed, Jenny Lind style…the possibilities are endless. I like to go with something that has classic lines and will stand the test of time. I’m forever thankful to my mother-in-law for choosing gorgeous, well-made furniture when my husband was just 16…that we STILL use in our bedroom today!

Linens: You can hardly go wrong with crisp, white bedding. I like to use a white duvet cover paired with pure white sheets. If that sounds boring to you, there are two main ways to add in some color and texture:

  1. Throw Pillows. I am always a fan of simple and easy, so adding a single throw pillow can be all you need-I love using a lumbar pillow (try the one shown on the Mood Board). At MOST I would go with three throw pillows: two larger square ones (22” size) and one smaller (18”) accent pillow adds a lot of interest and texture without going crazy.
  2. Throw Blanket: Adding a throw blanket or coverlet on the end of your bed is another way to add in some color or pattern


Dresser: Even if you have a dreamy walk-in closet, a dresser helps ground your bedroom and can give you the perfect spot to add under your TV. The painted one I used in the Mood Board still has the Farmhouse style with a light gray wash over it, but it is traditional enough to stand the test of time.

Nightstands: If you are tight on space, go for a petite piece of furniture with a lot of charm to it- like these shiny polished gems I used on my Mood Board. If you have some more space, go with a nightstand with some storage, or even a small dresser that can do double duty.

Bedside Lighting: Wall sconces are always a great way to keep your bedside table tops clear. The ones I found come in under $25 each! If you don’t want to add electrical work, try searching for “plug-in sconces” for the same look…but just plug-it in to the nearest outlet. Under my sconce I like to hang a small mirror or piece of artwork, like this black and white photography. (The cow is the classic Farmhouse animal so try mixing it up!)

Window Treatments: I’m the type of person who needs that sunlight to filter in during the AM hours if I have ANY hope of rolling out of bed when my alarm goes off! So my bedroom has simple white cotton curtains similar to this Mood Board version. But adding in these woven shades not only gives a more layered look, but gives you the option of blocking out light. You could also look for light-blocking curtains as well.

Bench: Certainly not a necessity in a bedroom, but it is really nice to have one. A bench at the end of your bed gives the perfect place to put on shoes, lay out your clothes, and just looks pretty and soft.

Mirror: I love, love, love using mirrors in a bedroom-they reflect light, make a room seem bigger, and doubles up as artwork. Hang over your nightstand, over a dresser, or a fireplace if you are lucky enough to have one if your bedroom.


But overall, your bedroom should be a place that reflects YOU. A place where you can unwind and relax from the real world. So fill your bedroom with items that make you smile, bedding that you want to fall into at the end of the day, and furniture that works for you. When you design your bedroom be sure that everything has a place so it can be a room that stays clean fresh. I once had a client who used their Master Bedroom as an “overflow” room for their Costco bulk purchases so they had piles of paper towels and boxes of soda piled up along the walls. No way friends…keep your bedrooms as streamlined as you can. You want this to be a place that brings you joy….

If you are still looking for more ideas, try this 4 Item Update to get you Designer Worthy Bedding (on a Budget). If you can only update ONE area of your Master Bedroom, spend your money on some brand new bedding! You can find all of the details and sources right HERE

12 Items for a Perfect Farmhouse Style Bedroom by Postbox Designs E-Design

Or you can check out another post for the Ultimate Guide to Bedding: 4 Ways to Update your Bedding in 3 Different Styles. Whether you are drawn to Farmhouse, Traditional, or the Boho style, find a way to make your bedroom look brand new with just a few new items, you can find all of the details and product links right HERE!

12 Items for a Perfect Farmhouse Style Be

A big thanks to the entire Remodelaholic team for letting me hang with you guys! You can get oodles more design ideas from me over on Facebook, see real Postbox projects on Instagram or see how the whole E-Design process works (along with my blog) right HERE.

Happy Decorating friends!


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