Get This Look: Fresh Laundry Nook Ideas For Small Laundry Rooms

If you’ve bemoaned your small laundry area — whether it be a mudroom, closet, or just a nook of the basement — take heart and know that fellow laundry-doers across the world are moaning right along with you. We’ve shared nearly 40 inspiring small, tiny, and just plain awkward laundry rooms here, and now we have a few more tips to help you create a fresh and stylish laundry room, no matter what size. Just look at the clean style in our inspirational laundry nook! (image via Better Homes and Gardens)

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Get This Look: Fresh Laundry Nook | 7 Tips for a Stylish Laundry Room No Matter How Small from #laundryroom #decor #getthislook

7 Tips for a Fresh and Stylish Laundry Nook

1. Texturize

A small wall is a great space to experiment with color and texture. Subway tile is a great DIY project and is both classic and in-style. Depending on the style you want, you could try one of these fun painting ideas (there are over 100 there!) or you could add a subway tile or plank wall — we’ve shown you how to do both! See the tutorial for installing subway tile here and learn about adding a plank wall here

2. Keep Shelving Simple

This metal shelving is both utilitarian and en vogue with the industrial style that is popular now. Chrome adds a little bling without adding visual clutter. I love the sleek and modern look of these highly-reviewed glass and chrome shelves on Amazon

3. Think Space-Smart

A tiny laundry room isn’t the place for a full-size drying rack or a spacious laundry sorter. Keep accessories compact and easily stowed, like this collapsible clothes hanger and this space-saving ironing board hanger

4. Clear It Out

Even the most stylish space will still look cluttered if there is, well, clutter! Minimize what you need in the laundry room to the necessities, and then stow those neatly away in chic wire baskets, wooden trays, and baskets using natural textures to keep the simple but stylish look going. 

5. Decorate Minimally

The items on the shelves are all usefully decorative — pretty colored towels, colored tins to hold laundry items, a pretty glass canister to hold laundry soap. Along the other two walls, decor is simple but fits the bill. Wall space is at a premium, so although an additional shelf might be nice to hold this or that, even a 6-inch deep shelf would cut into the available space in the room drastically. A simple printable in a small frame or vinyl wall art adds decor without inhibiting the movement and flow of the room. 

6. Keep It Sleek

One major factor to the sleek and clean feel of this room is the minimal colors and harmonious textures — the white and chrome lend to a clean feeling, while the similar tones in the natural wood and woven baskets bring in warmth without also bringing overpowering color. A few pops of colors from hand towels, a decorative tin, and a pretty flowering plant (every room needs greenery!) add just the right amount of life to make the room serene and not sterile. 

7. Use Horizontal Space

If you have a front-loading washer and dryer, putting a shelf or counter over the top is easy and doesn’t interfere with the function of the machines. If you have a top-loading washer… it gets trickier. But you can still give yourself some extra storage space and style with a hinged shelf like Stacy of Not Just A Housewife shared here

Get This Look: Fresh Laundry Nook | 7 Tips for a Stylish Laundry Room No Matter How Small from #laundryroom #decor #getthislook


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  1. So darn cute! I love laundry rooms. Kitchens and Laundry rooms are my most fave. rooms EVER! If I could just keep mine looking so organized it might be fun doing laundry. 😉
    Thanks for showing these.