10 Home Maintenance Skills Every Owner Should Have

Owning a home is a rewarding experience, but it also comes with responsibilities. To ensure your home remains safe, comfortable, and in good condition, you need a set of essential home maintenance skills.

While you might not be a professional contractor, having these skills can save you money, prevent disasters, and keep your home in top shape. Let’s explore the 10 home maintenance skills you need but might not have.

10. Basic Plumbing Repairs

Plumbing Skills
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Understanding how to fix minor plumbing issues like leaks, drips, or clogs can save you from costly repairs and water damage.

You should know where and how to shut off the main water supply (and individual valves), replace washers, and unclog drains at a minimum!

9. Electrical Repairs

Electrical Repair
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Being able to troubleshoot and fix simple electrical problems like a blown fuse or a tripped circuit breaker is crucial for your home’s safety.

Familiarize yourself with your electrical panel and how to safely replace switches and outlets.

8. Painting and Patching

Painting A Wall
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Knowing how to paint a room properly and patch small holes and cracks in walls or ceilings can freshen up your space and maintain its appearance.

Painting can almost be an art form, even though it seems like a very easy task. Make sure you always apply in thin coats for best results on all projects. It NEVER turns out well with one, heavy, drippy, gloopy coat of paint.

Unpopular opinion, clean brushes after every use. Paint dries on outside bristles pretty quickly. Using a brush you wrapped in plastic and left in the fridge for a day, is not going to give you smooth well painted results. It is worth the time and effort to keep your brushes clean and free of dried on paint.

7. Drywall Repair

Drywall Repair
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Minor drywall damage, such as dents or small holes, can happen over time. Learn how to patch and repair drywall to keep your walls looking smooth and damage-free.

If your walls are textured, you will want to learn what is involved in recreating the texture to hide patches. There is nothing worse than seeing a smooth drywall patch on an otherwise textured wall.

6. Roof Maintenance

Roof Maintenance
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Regular roof inspections and minor repairs can prevent leaks and costly roof replacements. Learn how to replace damaged shingles, seal gaps, and keep your roof in good condition.

Additionally, keep your gutters clear and clean year round to avoid costly water damage from big storms or freezes.

5. HVAC System Maintenance

HVAC Maintenance
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Basic HVAC skills, like changing air filters, cleaning vents, and understanding thermostat settings, can help you keep your home comfortable while extending the life of your heating and cooling systems.

We love having our programable thermostat, this is a worthwhile upgrade for any home and can save a home if you happen to leave on vacation during a weird weather occurrence.

4. Caulking and Sealing

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Properly caulking and sealing gaps and cracks around windows, doors, and in your home’s exterior can improve energy efficiency and keep pests out.

Tip: Depending on the location make sure you select a paintable caulk! Silicone is NOT paintable and has ruined many a molding project- however Silicone is preferred in wet spaces like a bathroom shower or sink! Get the right caulk for the right project!

3. Appliance Maintenance

Washing Machine Filter
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Basic appliance repair skills can save you money on service calls. Learn how to troubleshoot common issues with your appliances, change or clean filters, and perform routine maintenance tasks.

2. Yard Care

Yard Care Man
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Maintaining your outdoor space is vital for curb appeal and preventing issues like overgrown vegetation or dead patches on your lawn. Learn how to mow, trim, and care for your garden.

Depending on your location lawn maintenance and planter bed maintenance (especially the planters right up against a house) can even save a home from fire, so don’t ignore this important task.

1. Basic Carpentry

Basic Carpentry Skills
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Having some carpentry skills can be invaluable for small home projects and repairs. Learn how to use essential tools like a saw, hammer, and drill, and practice tasks like installing shelves, hanging curtains, or building a basic bookshelf.

These 10 home maintenance skills may not make you a professional, but they can empower you to take better care of your home.

So, roll up your sleeves, grab your toolbox, and start building your home maintenance skill set. Your home—and your wallet—will thank you.

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