Unbelievable Upcycles: 14 Trash-to-Treasure Transformations You Must See!

If you are on a budget but desire an update to your space, you are going to love these ideas! From a coffee table bench that is gorgeous, to a play station for kids who love matchbox cars. This collection has ideas to make every room in your house better while using old items!

Upcycled Herb Stand

Easy Diy Industrial Wall Planter 053303 061212
Photo Credit: Grillo Designs for Remodelaholic.

Check out this industrial wall herb planter that was made from the IKEA Hyllis bookshelf . This planter is situated on a dining room wall – just by the window to ensure the plants get lots of light . 

Coffee Table Bench

Upholstered Bench Featured 061300
Photo Credit: Designer Trapped in a Lawyer’s Body for Remodelaholic.

An old coffee table becomes the perfect bench to place in your space. This upholstered bench would look great in your bedroom and is so easy to recreate, you can do it this weekend! Get the instructions to make your own coffee table bench here.

Sliding Barn Door From an Old Interior Door

1a Upcycled Door To Barn Door 061316
Photo Credit: The Created Home for Remodelaholic.
This idea takes an interior door and transforms it into a sliding barn door. You will love repurposing materials and saving a ton of money on lumber while adding a stylish touch to another area of the house. Find out how to make a sliding barn door from an interior door here.

Salvaged Industrial Bar Table

1a Industrial Bar Table Built Of Salvaged Materials By Salvage Sister And Mister Featured On @Remodelaholic 061252
Photo Credit: Salvage Sister and Mister for Remodelaholic.

Who knew an old truck tire could become something so fabulous? This idea started with a scrap truck tire on the highway, and turns into the perfect place to sip a drink and relax a little! Find the details on how you can make a salvaged industrial bar table here.

Ceiling Fan Blades Airplane

20 Build Decorative Airplane From Repurposed Ceiling Fan Blades Front View 6 By Repurposing Junkie Featured On @Remodelaholic 061153
Photo Credit: Repurposing Junkie for Remodelaholic.
If you are taking out an old ceiling fan, you are going to want to create this airplane with the blades. This would look so cute in a boys bedroom. Find out how to turn ceiling fan blades into an airplane here.

Bathroom Cabinet From an Old Window

1a Bathroom Storage Cabinet 3 061320
Photo Credit: That’s My Letter for Remodelaholic.
If you are replacing your windows soon, or happen to have a fantastic old window in your pile of building materials, you are going to want to make one of these cabinets. It has a gorgeous farmhouse look that I know you are going to love. Read how to make your own bathroom cabinet from a window here.

Table From A Cassette Organizer

Upcycled Broken Directors Chair And Cassette Tape Organizer Into A Stunning Display Table In The Boondocks On Remodelaholic 8 061014
Photo Credit: The Boondocks for Remodelaholic.
If you have an old cassette organizer laying around, you are going to want to make this stunning table. Add seashells, or decorative accents to make it as unique as your home is. Find the directions to make a table from a cassette organizer here.

Kids Play Kitchen From a Cube Organizer

Amazing DIY Play Kitchen Set HMC For Remodelaholic 061308
Photo Credit: Home Made By Carmona For Remodelaholic.
Skip the pricey plastic play kitchens and DIY one for the kids. This idea is so cute and easy! It starts with a cube organizer and gets made over into the best place for dramatic play. Your kids will love this! Learn how to make a cube organizer play kitchen here.

From a Crib to a Couch

1a New Couch From A Repurposed Crib By Pudel Design Featured On Remodelaholic 061113
Photo Credit: Pudel Design for Remodelaholic.
This idea is perfect for putting your baby furniture to work as a great addition to your home. This upcycle keeps a treasured crib into a cozy seat that will get a lot of compliments no matter what room of the house you use it in. Find out how to turn a crib into a couch here.

Kitchen Island from a Desk

1a Beadboard Kitchen Island With Plank Wood Top By 2Perfection Decor Featured On @Remodelaholic 061119
Photo Credit: Perfection Decor for Remodelaholic.
If you have a desk you have been debating tossing, why not transform it into a kitchen island? This budget friendly DIY is going to look amazing in your kitchen and will save you so much money on a kitchen renovation. Learn how to make an island from a desk here.

TV Console Table From an Old Entertainment Center

Revamped Entertainment Center Is Now A Flat Screen Tv Console The Moon And Me On Remodelaholic 061130
Photo Credit: The Moon and Me for Remodelaholic.
A bulky, dated entertainment center gets a new look and a new life with this idea. You will love how this project turns out and solves the problem of what to do with the old entertainment center that takes up space. Learn how to complete this TV console table project here.

Plant Stand Turned into a Table

1a Repuposed Owl Planter Side Table 1 061204
Photo Credit: Southern Revivals for Remodelaholic.
A dated plant stand gets a new look and purpose. If you want to add a little gold to your decor, you are going to want to check out this idea to make a fabulous accent table for your home. Get the instructions to make your own plant stand table here.

Baby Changing Table Makeover

Baby Changing Table Update 061111
Photo Credit: Helping Little Hands for Remodelaholic.
As the kids start to grow and the changing table is no longer needed, you can make the most epic play center! Kids will love having so many roads to cruise around on a play center made just for them! Learn how to make a car play center here.

Pedestal Accent Table

DIY Pedestal Accent Table Tutorial 061138
Photo Credit: Provident Home Design for Remodelaholic.
You can build these accent tables for $25 each. They are sturdy, stylish and versatile, so you can use an accent table in any room of your house. Learn how to make these pedestal tables here.

How To Build a Waterfall on a Budget

Diy Pond Waterfall 37 061159
Photo Credit: Summery Umbrella for Remodelaholic.
If you have daydreamed about adding a waterfall to your backyard, you are going to love this budget friendly project. It is not too hard to make and is so much more affordable than  you might think. Learn how to make a waterfall here.

Standing Chalkboard Easel

DIY Chalkboard Easel Lemonade 061103
Photo Credit: Her Tool Belt for Remodelaholic.
Planning a party or event? Then you need to make these standing chalkboard easels! Write your message on them and stand them up, and enjoy the savings this easy DIY offers from renting or even buying a set of chalkboard easels. Learn how to make these easels here.

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