11 Fast and Fun Summer Kebabs

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fast and fun summer kebabs


Feeding a large group at a barbecue or family gathering can get complicated quickly if you don’t have a few tricks up your sleeve! These 11 recipes are sure to make you the top chef with minimal effort, and with a kebab in hand your guests will come away happy too. Whether you’re looking for a skewer full of savory, filling meats, a tasty side dish, crowd-pleasing dessert, or even an easy breakfast for a family reunion, you can spruce up the eats at any party or picnic this summer with these fast and fun summer kebabs.


1. Easy Breakfast

The guests will never want to let go of this Eggo breakfast kebab. Waffle, fruit, and sausage all skewered and drizzled with syrup will be a breakfast to remember – with minimal cleanup!

eggo breakfast


2. Easier Breakfast

Breakfast in a pinch? No problem. Run by the grocery store for some favorite fruits and a box of donut holes and pop it all on a skewer. Instant breakfast-for-a-crowd.

donut breakfast


3. Shrimp

Mmmmm… Lunch or dinner rolls around and it’s time to dish up something a bit more savory. These grilled teriyaki shrimp kebabs are nothing short of delicious, and you can’t beat a bite of juicy pineapple in between. Don’t forget to soak wooden skewers (up to 30 minutes) before grilling to prevent burning.



4. Fish

A little spice goes a long way in this skewered salmon delight, and those tasty slices of lemon are sure to juice things up. Using two skewers to hold things together makes for easier turning and more even heating while on the grill.



5. Chicken

This fabulous chicken and tomato kebab is a tasty and healthy addition to any summer meal. Whip up a simple pesto, marinate, and let the grilling begin.



6. Beef

Steak, peppers, and onions just can’t be beat when it comes to kebabs. Make the classic fantastic with a savory marinade full of the good stuff – Dijon, Worcestershire, lemon juice, and more.



7. Pork

Pure simplicity is the best way to describe this pork kebab recipe. If you’re worried about the lean loin pieces getting too dry on the grill, you may want to consider using pork shoulder as an alternative.



8. Vegetable

Use this tasty vegetable medley as a side at a barbecue or dress it up for a vegetarian meal at home. And don’t feel like you have to stick with the veggies suggested here – eggplant, tomatoes, corn, and asparagus are other great options for grilling.



9. Fruit

These handy kebabs will truly give you a taste of the rainbow, but if themed eats aren’t your thing, don’t be afraid to mix things up and try new fruity combinations. Kiwi, melon, mango, and other fruits that can hold up on a skewer can make a great addition to your “fruit salad on a stick.”



10. Light Dessert

It wouldn’t be a party without a little dessert, and what’s better than dessert that doesn’t require utensils? These red, white, and blue themed shortcake bites can be eaten dipped, drizzled, or plain. Try the light “cheesecake yogurt dip” recipe for some real taste bud tickling.

light dessert


11. Indulgent Dessert

If you’re looking for a kebab dessert that’s a bit more… indulgent, this is the recipe for you. Chocolate, fruit, and marshmallows drizzled in more chocolate? Yes, please!

brownie dessert


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