How to Make a DIY Barn Door from an Interior Door

Hello Remodelaholics! Sarah here from The Created Home, where we never throw things away, we just turn them into something else. Recently, my husband and I pulled a few solid core interior doors from a home we are flipping, and when another home needed a barn door for the laundry closet it was like the heavens opened and choirs sang and we knew.

I mean, most of the cost of DIY is in the lumber, right? So why not start with a door and add little here and there to make your own door?

How To Turn An Old Interior Door Into A DIY Barn Door Tutorial #remodelaholic

There are a lot of ways to design a barn door, so if you are not loving the herringbone-style chevrons (but really, who doesn’t love chevron?!) you can take this idea and change it up however you like.

How to Make a DIY Barn Door from an Interior Door

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Here’s what you will need for this project:

  • A door (solid core is best)
  • 1×4 lumber – this project required 4 eight foot boards
  • 1/4″ luan plywood (if filling in a design between the outlines)
  • wood glue
  • paint or stain – this is Demo Day from Magnolia
  • sliding barn door hardware*, plus optional spacers 
  • wood filler
*See the full Remodelaholic Guide to Budget-Friendly Barn Door Hardware here — starting at $70!


  • miter saw
  • circular saw
  • table saw
  • brad nailer (optional)
  • clamps
  • trim router (optional)

How to turn an old interior door into a fabulous sliding barn door

Step 1: Remove the door hinge mortises.

I removed them with a circular saw and a guide, cutting away about 1/4″ of material. If you prefer not to cut off material you can also fill them in with some filler or Bondo.

Barn Door From Interior Door (5)

Step 2:Cut outer frame pieces (sides).

Lay the long pieces on the door where you want them and mark a cut line. Marking instead of measuring creates easy, accurate lines. Cut and then glue down the pieces. Clamp in place.

Barn Door From Interior Door (7)

Barn Door From Interior Door (8)

Step 3: Cut inner frame pieces (top and bottom), as well as middle column piece.

Make sure to get a good, tight fit. Glue and clamp.

Barn Door From Interior Door (9)


Step 4: Rip 1/4″ plywood into strips.

Mine are about 4″ wide. I used the table saw to make this happen quickly.

Barn Door From Interior Door (10)

Step 5: Cut a 45 degree angle at the end of each piece to be inlay-ed into your frame.

Be sure not to cut them too short. The angle means they need to be longer than you might think!

Barn Door From Interior Door (11)

Step 5.5: Round the edges (optional)

I chose to slightly round over each piece so that they would create uniform spacing.

Barn Door From Interior Door (13)

In this photo you can see the pieces without the round over.

Barn Door From Interior Door (12)

This photo shows how the pieces look with the round over. I simply used a trim router and zipped through the sides (not the angled ends). It’s not essential, but it’s a nice touch.

Barn Door From Interior Door (15)


Step 6: Mark and cut each piece at the other end to fit tightly into the frame.

Glue in place and use brad nails to tack them down or weights to hold them in place while drying.

IMG 0216

Step 7: Fill any gaps at the side of the door to make it look as seamless as possible.

You can use Bondo if you are painting. Sand smooth.

DSC 9027

Paint or stain as desired.

DSC 8967

Step 8: Hang with barn door hardware according to manufacture instructions.

See the Remodelaholic Guide to Budget-Friendly Barn Door Hardware here — starting at $70!

TIP: You may need additional spacers due to the extra thickness of the door. I used these.

DSC 9018

Step 9: Admire your work!

DSC 8956

How fun is the sliding door in this space?!

DSC 8988

I love the details of the door against the tile floor and that wood floor in the background.

DSC 8996

What do you think? Are you a fan of barn doors? This is a great way to get the look for less. If you do build one, be sure to share a photo!

Happy building!

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Barn Door Hardware Crop (2)

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