Gimme S’more; Quick Smores Recipe

Can I be honest with you?  I am not ahead in my blogs right now, and I am just NOT in the mood to blog today (I’m typing this Saturday night FYI- I don’t actually write posts on Sundays).  Instead, I am in the mood to purge junk, so I must strike while the iron is hot and the baby is asleep- which means today’s recipe is kinda an excuse for a recipe… but nonetheless, I make it for myself so there.  It counts right?
Microwave S’mores 
2 graham cracker
a handful of mini marshmallows
(here is the exciting part…. are you ready for it?)
(or Chocolate or strawberry frosting-  this is SO good when making real smores BTW
the premade kind in a little tub, near the cake mixes at the grocery store)
Spread Nutella (a chocolate hazelnut spread or frostings) over one graham cracker.
Place the marshmallows on the other graham cracker heat for about 15 seconds in the microwave, or till the marshmallows double in size, top with the other half and enjoy!
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  1. >i almost didn't click on this b/c i love s'mores and didn't think there was anything else for me to know… except the nutella factor!!! i lived in italy and i adore nutella and never thought about putting it on s'mores, so GRAZIE MILLE for the great idea. i can't wait to have these (already brushed the teeth for the night, otherwise, i'd have to get it going!!!)