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Carrie at Dittle Dattle has done a great job adding a little organization to her closets.

I’ve been working on my youngest son’s closet for what seems likeFOREVER!!!   
Here’s the final before and after!!!
This is a very long closet, measuring around 13 feet long!!!  {for years I even stored some of my over flow of craft supplies and fabric in the far corner} 
There is a lot of wasted space in this BEFORE closet.  The two long shelves simply did not utilize the 9 foot ceilings. 
My solution was to add a large shelving unit in the middle and add 3 tiers of shelves and closet doweling on each side.
Organized.  Check.
Better use of space. Check. Check.
The red buckets and blue bins all came from Target.  The clear plastic bins are ones that we had, I spray painted the top lids using Krylon Fusion in red.  To see more details of the labeling click HERE.IMG_3001
After organizing and removing unwanted items, we still have an entire half closet left unfilled!!!!!!! 

  • Life is sweeter when it’s organized,

    WE AGREE!  Way to be organized!  
    Every house that we have lived in we have had to update the closets, it makes ALL the difference in the world!  In fact, here is what we did in our first house.  
    How do you like her new closet?

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    1. >Just this a.m. I measured out my closet also 13 feet long to figure out what I can do about it. I measured all the exsisting shelving parts in there so that I can do SOMETHING to make it look more organized, we are on the same page today…just wish I had you here to make it happen….love your blog