Simple DIY Gold Home Decor Accents

Gold, along with other metal finishes, has been on the up-and-coming trend list for a while now. It is still holding strong and growing more popular, so now is the time to bring it into your home! I love the gold home decor eye candy I’ve been seeing lately. Especially for fall, gold is classic and warm when it gets cold out. Gold is making its way into stylish homes everywhere, in every room…

from the living room
(by Amber Interiors)

gold sunburst mirror home accent, Amber Interiors

to the home office
(by Dallas Shaw on Poppin)gold room divider screen, Dallas Shaw on Poppin

to even the kitchen!
(from the home of decorator Jean Louis Denoit, featured on Afflante)
golden kitchen cabinets, Parisian_Apartment_of_Decorator_Jean-Louis_Deniot_afflante

Not ready for gilded gold kitchen cabinets? You can still hop on the gold train with simple projects that can easily be redone when you’re through with gold. Our guest today has three super simple projects to bring a happy pop of gold into your home, for just a couple bucks and a few minutes of your time. Amy has previously shared her lovely striped foyer and her gorgeous dining room update (love the yellow chevron curtains!), and I’m so thrilled to have her back again with us. 

Going Gold with Home Decor Accents
by Amy of The Blissful Bee

3 Simple DIY Gold Home Decor Accents | The Blissful Bee featured on #gold #homedecor #diy @Remodelaholic

Hey Guys! I’m Amy from The Blissful Bee and I am SO happy to be a guest here at Remodelaholic! I am a DIYer, designer, photographer, and most of all a lover of all things design. In the spring of 2012, I decided to start my blog, The Blissful Bee, in hopes of sharing my DIY adventures with others. Somehow over the past year and a half, it has turned into something so much more. I love getting to connect with my readers and I’m so thankful that blogging gives me the chance to do that. If you’d like to see more from The Blissful Bee, check it out [here]!

Today I want to share with you 3 of my favorite projects from my weekly series, Going Gold. Every Tuesday I post about a DIY gold project and/or gold pieces of inspiration that I’m loving. Gold has been such a trend not just in fashion, but also in our homes. When used subtly, it can really make a statement. Just one little piece of advice… I suggest using gold only as an accent color. As much as I love it, the last thing I want is my house looking like it took a trip back into the 80’s! As you can see, some of my favorite projects have been my Antler Update, Thrifty Candle Makeover, and Frame Facelift. All three of these projects were super cheap and SUPER easy to make. Each project only took me about 5 minutes from start to finish! And here is how they all turned out! 3 Simple DIY Gold Home Decor Accents | The Blissful Bee featured on #gold #homedecor #diy @Remodelaholic

Alrighty, now that we’ve seen all of the pretty eye candy, lets move on to the tutorials!

Antler Makeover How-To 

Cost: $6.00

All you need for this project are some antlers, masking tape (or painters tape) and gold spray paint. Wipe off any access dust that might be on the antlers and tape off the section you would like painted. Make sure to cover the areas you don’t want painted to ensure there is no over spray. Then give them a coat or two of gold spray paint. Remove the tape and your done!

DIY Gold Tipped Antlers | The Blissful Bee featured on #gold #homedecor #diy @Remodelaholic

Candle Makeover How-To

Cost: $4.00

For this project, I used some old candles I already had lying around, but you could also go to your local $1 store and pick up a few white candles. You will also need to pick up a box of gold thumb tacks that can be found at your local hardware store or maybe even an office supply store. If you want to create a zig zag pattern like I did, you will want to use some tape as your guide to make sure the pattern is even throughout. Start positioning your tacks and push them fully into the candle once you think your positioning is correct. Gold Candle Makeover | The Blissful Bee featured on #gold #homedecor #diy @Remodelaholic

Frame Makeover How-To

Cost: $10.00

All you need for this project is a simple white frame, some tape and gold spray paint. Measure how long you want your corners and mark the ending points. Tape off the area you don’t want painted leaving only the corners revealed. Spray the corners with your gold spray paint, giving them 1-3 coats. Remember not to spray too closely to frame – keep about 8-10 inches away. DIY Gold Accent Frame | The Blissful Bee featured on #gold #homedecor #diy @Remodelaholic

And that’s it! Pretty easy, huh? Well I hope you all enjoyed my favorite gold projects today:) Thanks for having me Cassity!!

Thanks for sharing with us, Amy! We love having you as our guest. I love how quickly and inexpensively you turned these plain items into designer-worthy home decor accents! Stop by The Blissful Bee to see what else Amy is beautifying. 

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  1. What kind of spray paint did you get and what finish/color is it? I went to look and there are so many different gold spray paints and I like the finish/color of gold on your projects.