10 Shoe Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Organize your boots, sneakers, high heels, and slippers with these easy DIY shoe storage ideas for small spaces, narrow entryways, and closets. 

You’ll also appreciate these DIY in-wall storage solutions and  small laundry room ideas.

Shoes. Everybody wears them. Most of us like (love!) them. So it’s fun to collect them.

But unless you live in a shoe store, it can be hard to find ways to store that awesome collection of shoes. Oh, and everyone else’s shoes, too.

If you struggle to find a good organization and storage system for your household’s footwear, I’ve got a bunch of creative and DIY solutions for you to store your shoes in a small space.

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DIY Shoe Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Get Creative with a Hanging Shoe Organizer

A simple inexpensive shoe organizer can be hung over the door, on the wall, or even (genius!) on the back side of a room divider screen

Folding Room Screen Shoe Organizer For Hidden Shoe Storage
from Living in a Nutshell by Janet Lee // via Very Merry Vintage Style

Under Bed Shoe Storage

If all of those spaces are in use, try putting shoes under your bed in a box like this, or use an under bed skirt organizer to hide shoes and other items.

shoe storage ideas - hidden shoe organizer, Amazon

Shoe Storage Pegs and Hooks

A basic hook rack like this can make for easy hanging shoe storage:

coat hooks shoe racks

Via – you can get a similar small coat rack here.

or for out of season shoes, install pegs to store boots. Jenny installed these high in the closet over the door to maximize storage space in her hallway closet!

See more tips for maximizing hallway closet space. 


Slide-Out Shoe Storage Tray

Birch and Lily used a wood picture frame as a storage tray for her kids’ shoes:

shoe storage ideas - use a photo frame to hold and store kids shoes, Justine Taylor

or you can make a whole family set of slide-out shoe tray like The Created Home did in her amazing mudroom.

Shoe Storage Idea, Slide Out Shoe Storage Trays In Mudroom Cabinets, The Created Home

Shoe Storage Bins

We love using IKEA bins to organize just about everywhere in our home, and our KALLAX entry organizer holds baskets for shoes (and mittens, school papers, keys, etc).

Entryway Storage With Ikea Hack From Remodelaholic

Hanging Shoe Organizer in a Locker

If you’re lucky enough to have scored some vintage metal lockers or have built your own mudroom lockers, use hooks or a rod to hang a set of closet shoe organizers like this clever solution via Apartment Therapy.

shoe storage ideas - add a shoe organizer in a mudroom locker, via Apartment TherapyShoe Organizer in a Mudroom Locker | via Design Sponge

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DIY Ladder Shoe Organizer

An easy wooden blanket ladder or decorative ladder makes a great place to hang high heels in just a few inches of floor space.

Add hooks, pegs, knobs, or shoe hangers to organize flats and sneakers, too.

Scrap Trim High Heel Shoe Storage

You don’t usually want to hear the words “molding” and “shoes” in the same sentence — but this trick uses scrap trim molding to create easy high heel shoe storage!

Molding Shoe Storage Heatherednest.com Remodelaholic.com 3

Hanging Shoe Clothesline

Another way to organize your shoes along the wall! Oh So Pretty added a simple shoe “clothesline” with shoe hangers to hold all her ballet flats and sandals next to a tall shoe storage shelf.

shoe storage ideas - diy shoe hangers for sandals and flats, Oh So Pretty

Cabinet Door Shoe Storage

Use the inside of a wardrobe or cabinet door to hang your shoes using small cup hooks like Humble Bee and Me.

shoe storage ideas - hooks on a door to hold sandals, Humble Bee and Me

Hanging Boot Storage

Use this smart idea from The DIY Showoff to add closet storage! Use an extra closet hanging rod and a few pants hangers (or boot hangers) to create a space for hanging storage for boots.

shoe storage ideas - boot hangers, DIY Showoff

Corner Shoe Shelves

Put an empty corner of a closet, room, or garage to use with easy corner shelves like Designed to Dwell

shoe storage ideas - garage corner shelves to hold shoes, Designed to Dwell

Round Rotating Shoe Shelf

Add a boutique style rotating shoe rack like this one by Handmade by Izz using our woodworking plans here. It does take up floor space, but it doubles as decor 😉

shoe storage ideas - diy lazy susan for shoes, Handmade by Izz

Built-In Hidden Shoe Storage

This clever built-in shoe storage pullout by Hardcore Renos uses in-wall space to store a dozen pairs of shoes.

shoe storage ideas - hidden wall shoe organizer, via Hard Core Renos

The in-wall storage shelves we built in our bathroom would be a great solution for storing shoes behind the door (or in any unused wall space), too!

4.28 Bathroom Built Ins Progress Live

Pallet Shoe Storage

For sneakers, a cut-down pallet mounted to the wall makes a quick and easy vertical shoe rack! ( via Shelterness)

shoe storage ideas - pallet to hold shoes, via Shelterness

Wall Cubby Shoe Storage

A cubby mounted on the wall takes up a few inches of wall space but keeps the floor clear!

Minette’s Maze used rustic metal wall cubbies she found at Hobby Lobby

shoe storage ideas - metal cubby shelf for shoes, Minette's Maze

or you can build a farmhouse wood wall cubby to fit shoes (and gloves, hats, etc) using our tutorial here (or an even more simplified version here).

Farmhouse Wall Storage Bins, DIY Tutorial By Remodelaholic

Wine Crate Shoe Cubby

Upcycle a crate or wine crate to make your own easy DIY shoe cubby (via White House, Black Shutters).

shoe storage ideas - divided wine crate for shoes, White House Black Shutters

DIY Narrow Shoe Cubby Organizer

With just a few boards and a couple tools, you can build your own tall narrow shoe cubby organizer inspired by this vintage mail sorter!

Tall Narrow Diy Shoe Cubby Shelf Woodworking Plans, Remodelaholic

Rolling Shoe Cubby Bench

You can also build your own rolling shoe cubby bench to slide under a shelf or console table in your entryway.

See more of our favorite mudroom benches. 

PVC Shoe Storage Bench and Shelf

I am completely in love with this built-in shoe storage shelf and bench, custom made by Circle Design Design Studio (via Houzz) using PVC pipe!

More ideas for small space organizing:

shoe storage and organization ideas via Remodelaholic


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