Build A Rolling Shoe Cubby Bench

Happy 2016 to all the fabulous readers at Remodelaholic! It’s Ananda from A Piece of Rainbow.  Today’s fun project is perfect for New Year’s de-cluttering and organizing – we are building a super cute and easy rolling shoe cubby bench!

This shoe storage bench is perfect! Enough room for shoes, pull it out for an entryway seat, slide it back under the shelf to make room. Free easy building plan!

Look at this gorgeous  shoe bench, courtesy of our friends at Better Homes and Gardens: it can fit nicely in a closet, or as part of a mudroom storage. I just love the clean white look, but my inner artist decided to “paint” ours a sea foam blue, with a lime green cushion. Just food for thought! Shall we get started?

How to Build a Rolling Shoe Cubby Bench

Materials and Tools: 

  • 1 – 1×12 @ 10 feet long
    1 – 1×6 @ 8 feet long
  • (4) 2” to 3” swivel casters
  • Optional trim pieces to hold the top cushion – 1×1 or ½ trim
  • 1 1/4 inch finish nails or 1-1/4″ Pocket Hole Screws (see Step 1 for which option to choose)
  • Optional Elmer’s Wood Glue
  • 120 grit sandpaper
  • measuring tape, square (Check for square after each step! ), and pencil
  • safety glasses, always!
  • Drill: always predrill holes before attaching with screws.
  • Circular Saw: Clamp each piece properly onto a sturdy surface before cutting.
  • Random Orbital Sander or hand held sanding pad

Cut List:

(2) – 1×12 @ 2’8″ (top & bottom)
(2) – 1×12 @ 11 3/4″ (sides, vertical)
(1) – 1×12 @ 2’6 1/2″ (middle, horizontal)
(8) – 1×6 @ 11 3/4″ (dividers)
option: trim pieces to hold top cushion – 1×1 or ½ trim, (2) @2’8″ , (2) @ 11 3/4″

shoe cubby 3

Of course there are many ways to build a piece of furniture. My goal is to figure out the most simple ways. Please always feel free to share ideas of improvements with us here!

Step 1: Build two identical components like shown below – Attach (4) pieces of 1×6 dividers onto the bottom 1×12 board with screws, and do the same with the top 1×12 board.

shoe cubby 4

Because the screw heads will not be visible on the bottom, or under the cushion, this offers a super easy and sturdy way to build this piece. If you are omitting the top cushion, then consider using pocket hole screws.

Step 2:

shoe cubby 5

Attach the middle shelf and two side panels to the bottom unit (from Step 1) with screws.

Step 3:

shoe cubby 7

Attach the top unit (from Step 1) to the rest of the shelf by screwing the two ends to the side panels. The 1×6 dividers will sit on the middle shelf without the need for screws.

Step 4: Finishing touches.

shoe cubby 6

Attach (4) 2” to 3” swivel casters to the bottom, and  1×1 or 1/2″x1/2″ trim pieces to hold the seat cushion at the top, using glue or nails.

shoe cubby 1

The seat cushion can be made from 3″ or thicker foam cut to size, with a fabric cover. I love everything no-sew, and I would consider using fabric glue to complete the seat cover!

shoe cubby 2

This easy to build rolling shoe cubby bench is perfect for keeping your family's shoes organized in a small entry or mudroom.

Doesn’t this small piece of furniture make a big difference?

Free building plan for that great rolling shoe cubby bench @Remodelaholic

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