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I love the outdoors. Something about all of the life – the plants, the trees, the birds – it rejuvenates me. Add natural sunlight and nothing compares. I want my home to be filled with life and sunlight! I adore homes that have well designed outdoor living spaces that allow people to take full advantage of the outdoors (and remember that part of the reason we bought our house was for the Garden of Eden here in the desert?). The folks from Houseplans.com sent us some gorgeous outdoor living ideas that I think you’ll be able to pull some great ideas from — and I know that most outdoor living is done by this time in the season, but now is the best time to start planning for making your yard dreamy next year!

Take some notes from these high-end luxurious outdoor living spaces to create a beautiful and luxurious space, even on a budget.

 7 Luxurious Outdoor Living Trends

A dreamy summer living space offers both relaxation and entertainment. We love all the ideas we see popping up: cozy living areas under a pergola, an outdoor home theater, or a luxurious sauna.

indoor-outdoor lanai porch-style veranda living room
plan 888-3

A Perfect Porch

Around the world you will find buildings or rooms with an open wall leading directly to the outdoors. If you’re by a beach or on an island, the open area would be known as a lanai. If you’re in a larger house or commercial building, you would refer to the opening as a veranda. For most houses, it’s known as a porch. The gorgeous image above shows a beautiful porch, larger than most porches you may be used to, with a roof and outdoor furniture. The openness of the porch walls, with several sliding doors gives you the feeling of being outdoors while also being able to enjoy the comfort of having a roof overhead. It’s the perfect porch for entertaining or relaxing. You can enjoy the sun, or the cool night air, or watch a rainstorm.

To create a similar look: Use light, bright colors and natural textures for both walls and furniture in a screened-in or open porch. And don’t forget a few additional plants — it’s all about the great outdoors!

gorgeous modern and colorful outdoor dining room area
plan 48-468

Dream Dining Room

We love the openness of this dining room and floor plan. The kitchen has a good amount of open room but appears even more spacious in large thanks to the dining area. With a wall that you are able to draw back like curtains to make your dining room endless, who wouldn’t want to eat their meals in this dining room? It adds space simply by combining your home with your backyard.

To create a similar look: Use colorful, fun patio furniture and use curtains along your porch or patio to help it feel chic and just the right amount of cozy.

dreamy pool patio and courtyard
plan 449-2

Poolside Patio

While pool houses are more commonly known, poolside patios are becoming even more popular. With the space saving layout and the more affordable price, the option is one of the most appealing choices to home owners. The patio allows you a comfortable sitting room that opens to the pool area where you can lounge before or after a swim or just relax nearby with a good book.

To create a similar look: Use concrete pavers or make your own patio like we did!

lovely porch with built-in bench seating for entertaining and outdoor dining
plan 454-12

An Entertainer’s Porch

A perfect layout for social gatherings is a porch with built-in seating. The additional porch room is ideal for a table that you can use for dining or just to enjoy a drink outdoors with good company. The porch is closed off from the actual home; but with the roof overhead, it is a great option for anytime of day or any weather.

To create a similar look: You can use the same idea as an indoor dining banquette to build your own outdoor built-in seating, too — just be sure to adapt your materials for outdoor use.

rustic lodge-style lanai covered porch
plan 48-640

Rustic Lodge Lanai

Whether you are building a lodge themed home or an actual cabin in the mountains, you can still have the open-door layout. The lodge layout offers a higher ceiling, the built-in fireplace and accordion doors for a wall. It’s truly a great room that provides space, comfort, and luxury. Similar to the purpose of other open-wall style layouts, this room is an excellent design for relaxation or entertaining.

To create a similar look: Combine stone or faux stone with reclaimed wood to add some interest and “age” to your porch. Add wicker or iron furniture in neutral tones — with plenty of cushion!

modern living lanai porch area covered but open to the outside
plan 48-607

Modern Living Lanai

Whether barbecuing is something that has deep roots in your neighborhood, deep roots in your family tree, or a new found passion beginning to grow, this modern outdoor dining lanai is dream. With all of the amenities needed for cooking and cleaning, you won’t have to leave the room. It has all the luxuries and the design of modern living, but combined with the open space of the outdoors becomes a unique room, unmatched by any other.

To create a similar look: Think you couldn’t do this yourself? Think again, dream big, and check out this amazing outdoor kitchenette!

gorgeous outdoor kitchen, dining room, and living room, all in one
plan 420-172

Outdoor Lover’s Kitchen, Dining, and Living Area

If you appreciate open space, this is one layout you don’t want to miss! The openness of the room seems to surround you as you can take in the great outdoors from every angle. The room still offers the protection of a ceiling and walls, but has open areas on every side. While it is one large and spacious room, there is a division of space, and you can take advantage of a cooking area, a dining area, and a living area. Complete with modern luxuries, this room truly is an area where you can enjoy the great outdoors while being home with family and friends.

To create a similar look: Use a portable fireplace or fire pit to add warmth, and add plenty of seating for guests — might I suggest a curved seat wall like ours?


More tips for creating a comfy outdoor space:

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