How to Decorate a Buffet

Decorating a console table is very similar to decorating a  buffet table, in my opinion, but I thought since I am curating a dining room sale over at Wayfair that I would give you some ideas of how you could use these great options and some tips for decorating a buffet table. 

5 tips how to decorate a buffet


How To Decorate a Buffet

1. Blank Canvas– Start with a blank Canvas.  Clear off the buffet top and wall behind it so you can really see the space.  Collect the items that you are considering using on the table next to you, so that you have them handy for testing out exactly what you need to use and switch items easily if desired.

2. Hang Art– Start by hanging your art on the wall.  Consider a mirror, art canvas or set of canvases and framed photography or even open shelves.  Stay centered with the buffet, that doesn’t mean it needs to be symmetrical, but be sure it will end up being balanced.  

3. Vertical elements–  Add a lamp or set of lamps to the buffet to help with mood lighting for your space.  You may also want to try a pretty vase of some sort, with flowers.  The key to this is a that you are thinking a vertical tall element or three, probably not more.  This vertical element could include layered art leaning against the wall.

4. Horizontal elements.  Since your lamps are most likely a vertical element, don’t forget about a horizontal element for the space like a pretty tray.

5. Accessorize– Add your personality to the space.  This is a great time  to add a few pops of color or bits of whimsy.  Don’t let it go overboard, simple is usually better.   Don’t forget to think about having useful things there , like dishes, cups or utensils, they can be pretty and useful additions when used as decor.

  (if your buffet is actually a console table don’t forget to consider adding extra seating underneath in the for of some cute stools)  Some exapmles of buffets I decorated with some sale items at my Wayfair sale!  Please go check it out!

 Decorating a Buffet images Lola+SDecorating a Buffet ideas


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  1. I love how simply you explain these concepts. I’m still in awe of your ‘how to select your house colours’ ideas. Thanks very much

  2. I love your suggestions for decorating a buffet or console table. I have a table in my living room that is only about two and a half feet tall, and long. My problem with the wall…it is about 11 ft tall. How do I make the space look right and to scale? I’ve lived in my house and have done nothing with this piece because I don’t know how to handle the height of the wall. Help!

    1. Well my thoughts are that over a certain height i would leave it bare. I just think you could do too much. What came to mind decor wise though is this pin: Would a large scale, tall mirror (or two) work? I think it could look really cool!

      If you don’t like that look go to pinterest and search for console tables decor and see if you come across any that you like and just give it a test run! if you don’t like it you can always try something different!

  3. I have 2 pictures that i would like to hang over my buffet but the pictures are longer then the buffet. Would this look bad.

  4. I have a 67in sideboard and would like to place a leaner mirror (34×56) on top of it. Should the mirror be larger??

  5. I have a buffet that I am in the process of decorating but my dilemma is that I have a large window behind it. I do not want to close the curtains and I’m considering a stained glass pane to hang there as backing. Any suggestions?