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Today, I am SO excited to be

curating a sale over at Daily Deals on Wayfair!!!  

I am begging you to go check it out, there should be some really affordable great deals there!

We decided to base the sale off of my dining room in Texas!  But of course a lot of the items could be used in more than just a dining room space.  But I wanted to show you how I would make the room look if I were doing it again today.

Get this look Dining room


If I were to do this room over I would make a few simple changes,  but overall I really liked how it turned out.  But i think there are some basics for creating any room.  And while you can use different pices a few tips will help you to create a great finished space.  So here is how to get this look, and all items are on sale today through Monday


1. Lighting:  

A chandelier is a fun place to add some bling to a room.  I think of it as the jewelry for a room.  You can really choose anything you want.  But keep in mind that lighting is a great place to add a little personality or quirkiness.  Don’t forget to think about a dimmer switch.  They are a necessary addition to all of my dining spaces.

2. Dishes:

You may not know this about me but I LOVE dishes, I double love dishes!  I need a whole room to contain all the dishes that I wish I could own.  However, I do have to be a little real about size of my house and wallet.  One thing that I have learned works well with everything is beautiful white dishes, in all sorts of shapes.   You can add to your collection all the time without worrying about it not matching.  For place settings I LOVE my square white plates we use them for everything.  They are a little more exciting than round, and just plain beautiful!

Now while white dishes are my day to day staple, I did tell you that I love dishes , right?  So of course I do have some colorful options. If you notice in the hutch I have  some colorful pops of pottery which helps me to stay happy with the basics

To corral the necessary items on the table, it is really nice to have a pretty decorative tray.  You can throw napkins, salt and pepper, fresh flowers… whatever you use often.  It is great for quick cleanup and  love having the tray for quick clean up!  And a beautiful bouquet of flowers is always appreciated, at least by me!

3. Draperies: 

Window coverings are essential for any space!   Your face might just look unfinished without eyebrows right?  Windows are the same, they look unfinished without some sort of drapery.  You can make them simple or go for a layered look, but just make sure there is enough drapery to look proportionate.   You need enough fabric to double the width of the window for it to have a nice full gather. 

4 & 5 Seating and Benches: 

I really like it when a the furnishings in a space have layers, that shows the room evolved over time.   Buying a set of furniture isn’t always the best way to get this look.  Instead you can break it up.  At the head and foot of the table think about using something a little more substantial or just interesting shape color whatnot.  I went with a chair with armrests made of wicker for the extra texture, but you can do anything you love.

For the other dining chairs optional are endless.  I think this is a great fun place to add another layer of color or additional texture without being a cookie cutter set.  And you can also shake it up with a bench.  I love the bench look, my table was once my grandparents and I will always love it!  The bench came with it (in a set…oops!)  But by breaking it up elsewhere I think the look works well.   

6. Table: 

The table in a dining space is pretty important, try serving dinner on the floor…   Personally, I like to have a large kitchen table so that we can invite guest over and everyone can fit comfortably.  But remember that a table isn’t just for eating.  A kitchen table is a great place for a family to gather doing homework, or crafts so big is great!   But I also want my table to have a little bit of character!  There are some great options that look a little more aged and I love that extra bit of history that adds to the dining room.

7. Storage and Display:

I love my Craig’s List hutch find.  After we updated it, we had the perfect place to display beautiful dishes and items that I love.   It is always nice to have a buffet or shelving unit that ca be a great place for displaying those great dishes.  They are also a great place to add some lamps for extra lighting or serving food for groups.  

8. Rugs: 

I consider rugs an important foundation for any room. It is a great place to add color and pattern.  Also rugs are a great ways to tie everything in the room together.  

9. Extra Seating: 

It is always nice to have a little bit of extra seating and stools are great for that!  Add a little bit of color and texture to the stool and you have an even more interesting layered space.


Don’t forget great art!  

Remember to add some soft furnishings like throw pillows and seat pads.

And don’t forget that you can add your own touch to any space just by being true to what you love!


Here are some of the great things that are on sale today pretty please go check it out and share it with your friends:

Sunflower+Wall+Mirror Privilege-2-Drawer-Console-Table Safavieh-Brook-Etagere-in-Distressed-Walnut nuLOOM-Chelsea-Chevron-Light-Blue-Rug
Rizzy-Home-T-3584-18-Decorative-Pillow-in-White---Yellow nuLOOM-Allure-Alice-Grey-Blue-Rug Villa-Home-Illusion-Flora-Pillow-in-Turquoise-Embroidered Safavieh-Charlotte-Wicker-Parson-Chair-(Set-of-2)
Progress-Lighting-Inspire-5-Light-Chandelier FoxHillTrading-Rattan-Living-Arm-Chair Lola+Sideboard IMAX-Vermont-Round-Serving-Tray
D.L.-Rhein-Scales-Down-Filled-Embroidered-Pillow Home-Styles-Orleans-Multi-Function-Shelves Chevron+Short+Vase Cyan-Design-Davenport-Mirror-in--Multi-Colored
Jeffan-Charleston-Teak-Picnic-Bench NFusion-Weathered-Oak-Adjustable-Bar-Stool nuLOOM-Pop-Titanium-Xue-Trellis-Rug Nearly-Natural-Japanese-Silk-Flower-Arrangement-in-Yellow
111+Navy+Chair+®+-+Coca-Cola®+Collaboration Urban-Trends-Ceramic-Owl-Bank-(Set-of-4) Safavieh-Joslyn-Side-Chair-(Set-of-2) Zentique-Inc.-Large-French-Market-Round-Basket
Luigi-Bormioli-White-Porcelain-Pitcher Access-Lighting-Vienna-5-Light-Chandelier Kon-Tiki+Platter+in+Green Oneida-Chefs-Table-Footed-Cake-Plate
Elisabeth-Michael-Chevron-Pillow IMAX-Kristley-Metal-Basket-(Set-of-3) Graham--Brown-Teal-Fleur-Canvas echo-design-Scarf-Paisley-Square-Pillow
AB-Home-Group-Inc-Rattan-Arm-Chair Pacific-Coast-Lighting-Table-Lamp-with-Shade Ashton-Sutton-Classic-Gear-Wall-Clock Abstract+Dunes+Study+Canvas+Art+by+Michelle+Calkins

More ideas coming!  Please go check out the sale!

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