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I pretty much love everything about this room, it is calming and comfortable and layered in beautiful decor.  Don’t you agree that Kristine from the Painted Hive did a FABULOUS job?  I love this room, I love the light and beautiful windows!   I am packing my bags right now so I can move in!  Here is what Kristine did:

On a crisp, sunny morning the french windows in our little living room greedily catch the first toasty beams of light and spread a gentle warmth throughout the space. When it’s cool and gloomy outside however, they frame a haunting view of dispersing mists rolling over the nearby hills. Either way, a sense of nostalgia is somehow born in me, conjuring feelings reminiscent of childhood which always seem to evoke contentment.

It’s quite amazing how a home can make you feel and to imagine that it may well be the simplest things which will become our fondest memories in the years to come.

Our living room is still evolving and while I’m happy with its calming colour palette and layers of natural texture there are a couple of pieces I’m kinda just making do with for now (I’m writing a separate post dedicated to some of the changes I’ve got planned).
All of the furniture, sofas aside, is second-hand and pretty much everything else was either thrifted, bought on sale or gifted (I’ll publish a separate post about the item origins and cost breakdown soon).

To give you an idea of the layout, here’s my hive’s floor plan:
And here are some (very fuzzy – sorry!) before shots from the previous owners mid-way through moving out:
Sorry, I haven’t included the dining room yet, though that’s next!
It’s a bit hard to tell though the walls were apple green and all of the trim was natural brown timber. To lighten up the space we painted the walls pale cream and all of the timber gloss white.

The original owners had installed a faux timber floating floor which, whilst it wouldn’t necessarily have been my first choice, is nice, clean and neutral.
The gorgeous french windows frame a stunning view (as previously mentioned) though were drowning in heavy green drapery. I really wanted the detail in the windows and beautiful panorama to speak for themselves so chose simple roman blinds.

I would’ve liked to have been able to keep the windows free of bulky furniture though there was nowhere else to put the second sofa and I couldn’t swap the dining room space for the living area cause it’s far too small 🙁
It kinda looks like you might be able to put something horizontally between the dining and living rooms as some kind of divider, though trust me, it’s nowhere near wide enough!
As you can see from the floor plan there’s this weird little diagonal wall. The previous owners had a sofa against it though if you look at the floor plan and picture a deep piece of furniture on that wall it’s easy to imagine it leaving a pretty narrow gap from the entryway to the living room. We instead decided to put the TV there and it works perfectly.

Now, just for comparisons sake, here’s some side by side before and afters:

And here’s some more photos just because I can’t help myself:

Wow!  I am even more in love with it 
after looking at all the pictures again.  
What do you guys think of the PERFECT space she created?!
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  1. >BEautiful…. I love the topiary and all the displays you have done here. That is surely missing in my home, I just never seem to do it b/c with my son running around it seems keeping minimalistic is easier. I should really try to do more…it looks great and just brings the spaces together nicely.