Master Bedroom Decorating and Remodel

Inside The Yellow House linked up on one of our parties and wants to give us a tours of her new master bedroom decorating and remodel.
I’ve been delinquent in posting the next set of pictures of the inside of the Yellow House.  If you missed the pictures of my living room and dining room, you can find them here.  
So without further adieu, let’s go upstairs to the master bedroom and bath.  
So that you can fully understand the transformation, here are the before pictures.  Like the downstairs, the master bedroom had gorgeous carpet.  Great closet space too!

Notice how the transoms above the doors had been painted over. 
The closets were just barely deep enough to hold a hanger, but I’m not sure if they would have been able to accommodate clothes on those hangers.  
And here are the afters.  As you can see, I continued my theme of black and white and pink.  I kept the row of closets across the back wall, so I didn’t lose a chunk of the bedroom to a walk-in closet.  The closet space is actually pretty generous for such a tiny house.  I did replace the standard-height doors with eight-foot doors to draw the eye upward to the high ceilings.  The louvered doors mimic the plantation shutters.  

The bed is from a flea market.  It was rusted and in generally bad shape, which meant that I got it for next to nothing.  I took it to an auto body shop to have it cleaned up and powder coated. 

There’s a funny story to the quilt on the bed.  Years ago, I decided that someday I wanted to have a black and white bedroom, with a black and white quilt.  I fell in love with this quilt while I was out shopping with my mother.  Even though I had no place to put it just then, I bought the quilt and figured I would have it when the time came.  I stashed it at my parents’ and promptly forgot all about it.  Well, fast forward about three years.  I bought the house and decided that I wanted a black and white quilt (guess my taste hadn’t changed much).  I started to shop around for bedding, when my mother asked if I was going to use the quilt in their attic.  Good thing she remembered, or I would have gone crazy trying to find the perfect quilt that I already had!

I couldn’t find exactly the right artwork for next to the bed.  I had in my head just what I wanted, but I couldn’t find it in the real world.  So finally I asked someone I know who is an artist to paint the flowers for me.

Between the closets, the windows, and the doors, the lack of wall space for furniture was a real problem.  Instead of nightstands, I got two Bombay chests at a discount store to flank the bed.   They originally had a horrible rose pattern painted on the front, but I had them repainted in that same shiny white that went on the upright dresser.  The upright dresser, which just fits between the windows, used to be my grandmother’s.   I love the way a couple of coats of paint makes all three pieces look like part of the same set. 

Remember those painted-over transoms?  Don’t they look fantastic fully restored?  Fully functional, they tilt to allow air to circulate, even with the doors closed (old-fashioned air conditioning!).  The transoms are one of my favorite features of the house.

The fabric on the faux Roman shades and on the chair is Sunbrella indoor-outdoor fabric, which is perfect for a room that gets a lot of light because it doesn’t fade.  So the black won’t fade to gray or purple.  The shades are not working Roman shades.  I knew I would never put them down, so it wasn’t worth spending the money on the extra fabric.  The shades are trimmed with pink beads (which unfortunately don’t show up in the pictures).  The beads actually doubled the cost of the shades, but they look great sparkling in the sunshine.

The house did not originally have a bedroom off of the master bedroom, but I really wanted one, so I took a slice out of the adjoining second bedroom.  I love how you can see the pop of pink from the bedroom.

I know the pink isn’t for everyone, but it’s perfect for me.  I think it works because most of the walls are covered with tile, so there’s just a little bit of pink. 

The artwork on the wall in the bathroom is left over from a college photography class.  I didn’t turn out to be much of a photographer, but I did come a way with a few keepers.  I’m still looking for the perfect something for above the toilet. 

Thanks for coming on this tour with me!

Wow, what a transformation!  
Very nice, don’t you think?
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  1. >Beautiful renovation! I especially love the floors and the quilt at the bottom of the bed, oh, and the pop of pink is great!

  2. >Thank you so much for featuring my bedroom! I'm so flattered and excited! And thanks for all of the wonderful comments!