Ideas for Adding Architectural Interest to Plain Kitchen Cabinets

Ideas for Adding Architectural Interest 
to Plain Kitchen Cabinets
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Do you ever see things like this at Home Depot/Lowes and wonder what you could use them for?

Or things like these rectangle trim pieces?

Or these architectural pieces?

Or even these wooden medallions?

They are all usually found in the wood trim section and come unpainted. We have had several clients lately add these decorative pieces to islands, stove hoods and other furniture type cabinets.

For example, this island was oak and flat on the end….

But I convinced our client to add those pre-made trim pieces to the ends and we painted it cream and glazed it. What a huge difference!

Another client added these pieces to her island…

And of course we forgot the after picture. Sigh…..but it was cream with glaze. Nice….

This hood got dressed up…..then painted black and glazed.

And this hood is my absolute favorite….

What’s NOT to love, huh?

Where’s the hot glue gun? I need to add something to my cabinets!

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  1. >I have always loved these add on pieces and can think of a hundred ways to use them!! They are perfect for any square object needing a face lift. Tammy

  2. >What a great idea for the end of an island. My mother has the same thing and I always look at it as though there is definitely something missing. The black hood is my favorite!