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Gail from My Repurposed Life sent over this little project and I love it.  I think they are beautiful.  And after reading her post I am wanting to move to a place where you find such great junk on the side of the road.


Jamie told me that I needed some height on my mantel. I was thinking candlesticks. I looked at the store (Meijer) and I saw that they are VERY expensive. I braved the cold in the garage and rummaged around to see what I could find.
This is a bedpost from a full sized bed that Cathy and I found on the curb. It wasn’t really bench worthy, so I parted it out. I cut off the posts and legs, and threw the headboard away.
This is another bed post, not sure where the rest of this bed ended up. 🙂
While in the garage, I also cut some 1x’s and some 4×4’s into squares for bases.
Then I sort of just started playing around with the configurations. A lot like I do when I make totems.
This is a 1×5, and part of a bed post/leg.
Here I added the top of another bed post.
I sanded the rough edges, and cleaned up all the saw dust.
This is the bottom part of the bed post pictured above.
This is a 1×5, and a 1×4, a part of a staircase spindle, and the top (finial) of an old chair.
This little cutie is a 1×5, 4×4 and a chair leg!
This is the other part of the stair case spindle, with another chair finial on top.
I used gorilla glue to hold all the pieces together. I could not decide what color I wanted, so I chose 3 different colors.  Here I have one of those cute little glass ashtray pieces I picked up at the peddler’s mall.
 100_5787  100_5788
This is the same turquoise I used on my last window cabinet I made. I watered it down so it was more like a glaze. I used Kilz on all of these before I painted their new colors on them.  This white one is the free Glidden “Crisp Linen” with a wash/glaze of raw umber over it. The browns are a glaze of raw umber. The candle I got on clearance this week at Walmart for .25 cents.
100_5797 100_5800
I put them in my gynormous firebox and lit the candles.
I am not sure what configuration I will use. I don’t know whether I will keep them in the firebox, put them on the mantel, or on the hearth. I may change up the colors. I tend to change my mind a lot. Ideas? Suggestions? I’m sure you true junkers have lots of items in your stash that you can make these from. They sort of remind me of chess pieces.
I am still enjoying my fireplace and can hardly believe I actually made it!
Love it!
Does anyone else have any clever re-purpose ideas?  

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  1. >I love this idea! So simple, but such a big impact. I've been saving your tutorial on headboard benches for my husband 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  2. >I love your blog, these turned out so pretty. Now when I'm out junkin' I'm keeping my eyes peeled for old furniture legs to re-purpose.